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3d Fighting Game Online – Powerpuff Girls: All Monsters Attack

Rating: 7.9/10 - 418 votes

Powerpuff Girls: All Monsters Attack is an online fighting arcade game (that requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play) with 1 and 2 Player modes; Take on the computer or a friend in a fight between two giant monsters! A group of enormous creatures the size of buildings are wreaking havoc in the city of Townsville, and the Powerpuff Girls have deployed their own giant robot called Dynamo to help defeat these monsters.

You play the role of Dynamo, and have to conquer a whole bunch of monsters to save the day. This colorful RPG action game has hand-to-hand combat on a grand scale – both fighters are the size of skyscrapers in each level! Use special punch and kick combos to defeat your opponent, and make sure Dynamo is the last girl standing! The people of Townsville need your help. Will you answer the call? Good, it’s time to send those monsters back to where they came from!

How to Play: There are two modes: 1 Player and 2 Player.

1 Player Mode: Here, you fight against monsters controlled by the computer one after the other. Each match-up is the Best of Three rounds, i.e. you have to win 2 rounds to progress. In 1 Player Mode, you control Dynamo, the Powerpuff Girls’ giant robot. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to attack your opponent. Up Arrow = High Attacks; Right Arrow = Mid-Attacks; Down Arrow = Low Attacks. To block attacks from your opponent, hold down the Ctrl button and use the same Arrow Keys as above. Use Spacebar to perform special attacks. Your red Health Bar goes down each time you get hit by your opponent. Your yellow Special Attack Bar goes down each time you perform a special attack. Once either fighter’s Health Bar is drained all the way, their opponent wins the round. The monsters become increasingly difficult to defeat as you progress through the levels.

2 Player Mode: Here you take on a friend, with two different sets of controls. The storyline is the same as above, except in this Mode: Player 1 controls Dynamo, and Player 2 controls the monsters. For Player 1, the D, X and C Keys represent the three types of normal attack. Hold down Ctrl and press any of them to. Z is for Special Attacks. For Player 2, the Left, Up and Down Arrows perform the normal attacks. Hold the Shift key and press the Arrows to block. Spacebar is used for Special Attacks.

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