Motocross racing game online free: Play Braap Braap, a cool 3d Supercross game for kids (boys/ girls), teens without download. FMX dirt bike games for PC, Mac, iPad, 3D motorbike racing games, high-speed action, off-road stunt bike games, addicting flash extreme sports simulation games on internet.
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3D Motocross Racing Game Online – Braap Braap

Rating: 8.4/10 - 8366 votes

Braap Braap is a super-cool 1 player 3D motocross racing game (that requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play) where you have to beat the clock and the other dirt-bike riders and do stunts in order to score high and make it into the Top Scores chart. These Supercross riders are the best of the best and your job is to be even better! This is a one-lap, go-for-broke, dash to the finish line! Think you can handle it? Anyone young and old can try this awesome fast-paced bike action adventure.

You need to show off your moves to win over the crowd. You earn bonus points for performing epic mid-air moves after you blast off the ramps. Remember, style counts here! However, get your control handling right first, as coming off the bike is just like in real-life - a very sore experience to be avoided. You can also earn bonus points by picking up items, and making it onto the podium. If you crash, they’re going to land you with a nasty penalty. Let’s race!

How to Play: Select your preferred rider and bike. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to control the bike: (UP) Accelerate, (LEFT) Steer Left (DOWN) Brake (RIGHT) Steer Right. Press SPACEBAR before a jump to pre-load and release it as you go off the jump to get more air. Hold (Z), (X) or (C) before you go off a jump to do a trick. You can see your Score and Race Position at the top of the game screen. To start the game again, click on RESET at the top of the screen. At the end of each game, you see your Final Score along with your Place in the race, Race Time, Time Bonus, Trick Bonus, Crash Penalty, Pickups Bonus and Trophy Bonus. Good luck!

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