Car chase game free online to play with no downloading: Cheetah Chase, is a fast 3D driving game for kids (boys/ girls), teens to play on PC, Mac, Ipad. Car action games, fun flash car racing games, awesome new bike games, cool Shockwave games for kids, friends & family to play online at home.
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Fun Car Chase Game for Kids - Cheetah Chase

Rating: 8.1/10 - 551 votes

Cheetah Chase is a fun and fast-paced car chase driving game (that needs Adobe Shockwave to play) where you play the role of Tony the Tiger trying desperately to recover his yummy breakfast cereal that the infamous Dr. Cheetah has just stolen. The cunning Dr. has swiped a truckload of delicious Frosties, and you must now race in hot pursuit of him in Tony’s Turbo Tiger-Car. Catch the villain before he gets away!

Tony’s Tiger-Car drives super-fast and is tricky to handle, so you’ll need to have nifty fingers in order to catch Dr. Cheetah. Be careful because the crafy Doctor throws crates out of the truck to slow you down. You must avoid these crates by dodging and weaving across the track. There are lots of sharp corners and difficult bends to navigate, so be sure to keep the car under control as you hunt down the cereal thief!

Drive with care, because if you keep crashing, the Damage Bar will fill up. Once it fills up all the way, it’s game over! This game should help to exercise & challenge your reaction skills as the car moves at an awesome speed. Think you’ve got the driving skills to help Tony recover his cereal? If you do get those Frosties back, Tony is sure to remind you that “They’re grrrrreat!”

How to Play: In order to play this game, you must have Adobe Shockwave Player installed on your computer. Then use your Arrow Keys to drive and steer your car. Up Arrow = accelerate; Down Arrow = reverse; Left and Right Arrows = steer. Be careful with the steering keys, they are very sensitive and move the car really quickly. Hit Spacebar to brake.

If you get turned around after a crash, you may accidentally head in the wrong direction. The message board at the bottom of the game alerts you when you are driving the wrong way. Try to avoid the crates thrown from the truck by Dr. Cheetah. These cause damage to your car and increase the Damage Bar in the bottom right corner of the game screen if you hit them. Once that bar fills all the way up, it’s game over.

Try to collect the boxes of Frosties cereal that are dropped onto the road. These give your car a turbo-boost and decrease the level on the Damage Bar. If your car gets stuck against a sign post, on the side of a hill or becomes immovable, just press the Reset button in the bottom left corner of the game area. To complete the game, you must catch and pass Dr. Cheetah. Go for it, Little Tiger!

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