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Cool NASCAR & F1 Racing Game Online – Formula Fog

Rating: 8.1/10 - 961 votes

This cool game requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play: Formula Fog is a fast and furious racing car driving game where you compete against the computer on a realistic race track in either a Formula 1 or NASCAR-type racecar. Reach speeds of up to 200 miles an hour as you blast around the track in 2 different, awesome vehicles. Choose either an authentic Formula 1 racer, or a classic NASCAR rally car. Your goal is to finish ahead of the computer after three grueling, high-speed laps of the track.

This straight-forward yet challenging racing game has cool 3D graphics that give you a genuine real-life race experience. Outsmart your opponent with daredevil driving moves, and give him an overtaking masterclass. Ready to put the pedal to the metal and become the Ultimate Speedster? The Checkered Flag is in sight – go for it!

How to Play: At the main menu screen, choose which type of car you want to race. Car type A is a NASCAR-style rally car, and car type B is a Formula 1 race car. The track that you race on is the same for both cars. Your goal is to finish ahead of the computer after three laps. When the race begins, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to drive. Up Arrow = Accelerate; Left and Right Arrows = Steer. Hit Spacebar to brake.

You can change camera view with the V button. In the top right hand corner of the game screen, you can keep an eye on your opponent with another camera view. One view shows what’s immediately behind you, the other shows an overhead view of your opponent’s position. Toggle through them using the X key. Along the track, you come across red and yellow striped targets. Drive directly over them to get a speed boost. You can check your speed and lap times along the right hand side of the game screen.

Tip: Remember to use your brakes when coming into corners. You definitely make better time staying on the track at a slower pace than speeding off into the dirt (You will have to learn the hard way!)

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