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Fun Soccer Game for Kids Online - Jetix Soccer

Rating: 7.9/10 - 408 votes

Ready for some slick virtual soccer action? Jetix Soccer is a fun online five-a-side soccer game (that requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play) where you control a team of cartoon footballers in match-ups against the computer. Outsmart the opposition with fancy footwork, fast passing and good attacking play. Quickly adjust your strategy to ever-changing situations, and guide your side to ultimate victory.

Passing, shooting, offense and defense - you’ll have to master all of these to succeed in this quirky sport simulator game. Because there are only five players on each team, there is much more goalmouth action and scoring chances. The ball cannot go out of play, so there are no boring stoppages either – just a free-flowing festival of soccer! Try to beat the opposing goalkeeper and score that winning goal! Are you ready to bend it like Beckham? Time to lace up your boots! See you on the field!

How to Play: Before you play a match, you must choose your team. The goalie is automatically chosen for you, so you have to pick your 4 outfield players. Choose from a host of cool cartoon characters. Left Click on the arrows to toggle through the various players, and click ‘Select’ to put them in your team. Next, you have to choose your kit, red or blue. Left Click on your choice, then it’s time for kick off! Your aim, of course, is to score more goals that the other team (controlled by the computer). Control your players using your computer keyboard. Use the Arrow Keys to move your players around the field. When you have the ball, hit the M key to pass, and the N key to shoot at goal.

When the opposition has the ball, hold down M to sprint faster and hit N to tackle your opponent. When the goalkeeper has the ball, hit M to kick it up the field. The ball cannot go out of play, so if it reaches any of the sidelines it just bounces back into play. If you want a longer game, you can adjust the settings before you begin. At the main menu screen, Left Click ‘Options’. Click on the arrows beside the timer to increase or decrease the length of the matches – they can be 3, 5 or 9 minutes long.

Tip: Because the ball cannot go out of play, you must always be alert to possible rebounds. If you take a shot and miss the goal, it could easily bounce back out and give you another chance.

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