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Online Street Basketball Game to Play

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Street Ball Showdown is a "no mercy" 1 on 1 3D Street Basketball game (that requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play) where your handling and footwork skills and reaction speed will be tested. You must use the same basketball playing brain and tactics as if you are playing for real. Your opponent will try to steal the ball and will defend hard every time you try to get in a clear scoring opportunity.

Try some cool tricks such as going for a slam dunk or popping a jump shot from distance when your opponent is not expecting such a sly move. Try pushing your opponent away without letting him steal the ball and score. To advance, you must score eleven points before your opponent and you must win by having at least two points more than your opponent. Shots from behind the arc count for two points (long shots), every other shot within the arc (close to the basket) is one point. This game isn’t just about scoring a point – it is about being real-cool (funky) as well.

Your style score is generated by the quality of the moves and shots you make. Each time you “burn” or “smoke” your opponent – you receive extra “funk” points and builds up the funkometer, which enables you to pull off more difficult dunks and generate even more points that way. Each time your opponents “smokes” or “burns” you – your funkometer goes down and you cannot perform difficult dunks and tricks. Although you can advance to the next level by beating your opponent by two points – you need to burn your opponent frequently in order to build style points and generate a higher score. Get slammin' Dude.

How to Play: It is not easy to get a hold of the game at the beginning as player movements are controlled with your computer mouse movements. When you are in offense, use your mouse to guide the player around the court. To shoot – left click once on your mouse. When you are near the basket, click and hold your mouse's left button and you will execute a dunk. When your opponent is not letting you get closer – press your Spacebar key to perform a tricky movement and get through his defense.

To pump fake (a shot) – press Spacebar and then press left mouse button. Your opponent will jump and try to block your shot. Use this moment to break for the basket or make a real shot right afterwards. When in Defense – press the mouse left button to jump and block a shot or dunk. To steal the ball – press Spacebar. Remember – the first to reach eleven points wins, but the difference between scores must be more than 2 points. Note: If the game does not load for you on opening this page, try installing the newest Adobe Shockwave Player and any required add-ons.

Tip: While the players are in action - mouse cursor cannot be moved out of the game area. To get your mouse "released" from the game area - press ESC button on your keyboard once.

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