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Table Top Football Game Online

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Table Top Football is a fun, turn-based soccer game for all the family (that requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play) with 1 Player and 2 Player options, where you have to score more goals than your opponent using cool little table-top footballers. This quirky game is a lot like Subbeuteo, the famous old soccer board game where you had to flick the players around the pitch. In Table Top Football game, the pitch is divided into grids, and players take turns to kick the ball depending on which grid the ball has landed in. You can play a match against the computer, or a friend.

Score spectacular goals from all kinds of angles and distances. Use curve and loft on your kicks to maximize your chances of beating the opposition goalkeeper. The turn-based game gives this game a unique twist – it’s not your average soccer match. Choose your team from a list of great soccer nations like Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal. Think you’ve got the fancy soccer skills to become a Table-top Ronaldo? Only one way to find out! It’s time for kick off!

How to Play: In 1 Player Mode, you can choose your difficulty and match-length before the match starts. The matches can be 5 or 15 minutes long, or else the first to 5 goals. Next, choose your team. You can pick from a list of quality teams, including Netherlands and England. In 1 Player Mode, you always play against a team called ‘Sky Sports’. There are 5 players on each team, a goalie and 4 outfield players. When the match begins, the ball in dropped from the sky onto the pitch.

The pitch is divided into grids, and there is only one player in each grid. If the ball lands in a grid of one of your players, it’s time to step up. Move the camera in the direction the player will kick it using your Arrow Keys. Once you are happy with the direction, hit the K key. A Power Bar appears. Hit K again depending on how much power you want in your kick. Next, choose the amount of curve on the ball. Finally, choose the amount of loft on it. When all this is done, your player kicks the ball. If you’ve aimed correctly, it goes into the net and you score a goal. If not, wait to see where it lands. If it lands in an opposition player’s grid, it’s the computer’s shot.

Keep going until time runs out or one team scores the set amount of goals. If you are playing against a friend, Player 2 uses W, A, X and D in place of the Arrow Keys and S to kick the ball. Tip: You don’t have to kick it hard at the goal every turn. Try to get the ball to the grid with your forward players in it. As they are closer to the goal, it is much easier for them to score.

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