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3D Underwater Adventure Game for Kids - Seahorse Roundup

Rating: 7.3/10 - 143 votes

Note: This game requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play. Seahorse Roundup is a fun underwater adventure and skill game for kids where you play the role of a curious little sea-horse who has just one thing on his mind – finding treasure located close to the sea bed! Collect valuable underwater objects as you navigate along colorful coral reef-like structures situated just off the coast of Belize, a tropical Central American paradise!

Plunder the depths of the ocean, and collect dazzling treasures like hidden gems, coins, sand dollars, and more. Your speedy seahorse can also chase other sea creatures – score extra points for grabbing fish, crabs, and others. You have to be careful, as the sea can be dangerous for a little sea horse adventurer – so make sure to avoid any Spiny Sea Urchins (exotic sea animals with spikes).

The cool 3D graphics make it seem like you are actually floating along with your seahorse buddy. You’ll need a keen eye to succeed here, as some of the items are hidden away in difficult-to-reach places. Your quick reactions will also really be tested, as you have to chase other animals around the reef. Are you ready to swim your way to finding incredible underwater riches? There’s an underwater world full of treasure out there to discover. Let’s see how much you can find!

How to Play: Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to navigate your seahorse around the ‘puzzle paths’ of each level (these large ‘paths’ are similar to coral reefs – winding, cylindrical underwater structures). The Left and Right Arrows change the direction your seahorse is headed, and the Up Arrow moves it forward along the Reef. Hit the Down Arrow to “zoom out” to have a wider view of the area around you.

As you swim along, your seahorse remains connected to the Reef, even if it appears that he is going to fall upside-down. Your goal in each level is to collect all of the items dotted around the Reef – then go through the Exit (a large and slightly transparent arch-way) that appears once all objects are collected. These objects can be Gems, Coins, Sand Dollars, Pearls, and more. Scour the whole Reef searching for these items, scoring points for each one you collect. Beware of pink/red spikey Sea Urchins! If you come into contact with one of them, you are thrown up off the reef, and have to start the level again (there are 3 levels in total). You can avoid these dangerous spikes by swimming around them, or jumping over them by hitting Spacebar. 

Be careful when jumping, because if you jump too far in one direction – you can fall completely off the Reef into the open sea. This also results in you having to start the level again. Beware of oysters – they open to reveal collectible pearls, but snap shut after a few seconds. If you get ‘pinched’ by an oyster, you also fall off the Reef and must begin again.

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