Free fun car driving games online for kids (girls and boys) to play now with no download: Barnyard Jersey Joyride game is an awesome 3D Shockwave car game for PC, Mac, iPad, one of the best fun 3D driving games online. Play addicting fun games, awesome realistic racing car games for tweens..
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Good Fun Car Driving Game - Barnyard Jersey Joyride

Rating: 8.7/10 - 712 votes

Calling all fun game enthusiasts! We bet that you’ve yet to see a cow racing around a farm from behind the wheel of an open-top Cadillac convertible… Well friend, that’s all about to change! Barnyard Jersey Joyride is an awesomely wild and wacky, and exciting 3D driving game for kids where you have to zoom along a farm track in a super-cool car (while the unsuspecting farmer is away on business), picking up your buddies as you go. Your aim is to collect all 5 of your eccentric farmyard animal friends, and then race (against the clock) back to the ‘hoe-down’ party taking place in the main barn before the farmer catches you! Sounds like mischievous fun – and it certainly is!

Based on the madcap animated movie ‘Barnyard’, this surprisingly challenging and highly-entertaining online driving game requires a steady hand, good keyboard control, and a cool head under time pressure. You only have 1 minute to begin with, but you can increase that time limit with good driving maneuvers. Although there are funny areas to explore and cool jumps to perform, you have no time to dawdle – your 5 friends all need a ride, and fast, before the farmer returns! It’s time to put your hoof to the floor, and pull off some awesome driving moooo-ves!

How to Play: Note: This game requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play, and may require more time to load than other flash games, depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection. Once the game initially loads, the various controls and the objective of the game are explained. Your goal is to collect all 5 of "Otis" the cow’s friends, and then drive them to the ‘Hoe-down Barn’ for a huge party. The catch is that there is a clock a'tickin away, and you need to complete the journey before that timer runs out.

Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control your car: Up Arrow / W = Accelerate; Down Arrow / S = Brake & Reverse; Left& Right Arrows / A &D = Steer. The large Orange Arrow at the top of the game screen directs you toward each waiting friend. Simply drive close to the animal to ‘collect’ it, and then go in search of your next farmyard buddy (a close-up of the next animal to be collected appears in the top right corner of the game screen). Follow the Orange Arrow to the location of all 5 friends, and then finally to the ‘Hoe-Down Barn’.

Keep an eye on your timer in the top left corner of the game screen – you start off with 1 minute. You can earn time bonuses by driving up the randomly-placed ramps and collecting Timer Icons. These add 20 seconds to your time, and collecting a few of them is absolutely essential if you want to complete the challenge. Try to avoid crashing into the haystacks as these slow your car down considerably. Enjoy a good laugh with your family and school friends!

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