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Shooting Action Game Online - Thing Thing Arena 2

Rating: 8.8/10 - 2831 votes

Thing Thing Arena 2 is a shooting survival game for teens where you have to survive an onslaught of enemy attacks, from various characters for as long as you can! This fun, tough, action-packed game is an endless test of physical endurance and mental skill. You need the dexterity and cunning of a ninja to survive this stylish stunt-filled battle! Get shooting!

This version in the Thing Thing Arena game series has a wide variety of game modes and some super-slick background settings. You can choose from: Sentry Bomber Survival, Stinky Bean Survival, Zombie Survival, Super Survival, Ultimate Survival and Practice Mode. You find yourself blasting through the air, performing dynamic backflips, taking out elite enemy assassins, fighting gruesome half dead zombies and battling against relentless swarms of savage “half-baked” beans – that are deadly in numbers! The enemy is everywhere. You need to think mean, aim straight and shoot fast to in order to survive!

The game focuses on destroying the enemy while trying to survive, using the items that they drop when they are gone. These include different types of weapons and health regeneration. In Thing Thing Arena 2, you can still make up your own customized character, complete with shoes and wacky hairstyles! In Ultimate Survival Mode and Practice Mode, you can have fun trying out all the guns in the game. In Practice Mode, you can check out all of the weapons - without even being attacked. A good way to start is to try one of the easier game modes like Stinky Bean Survival before going onto a more intense game mode. OK sharp-shooter, now you know what you’re up against, think you have it in you to survive? Get moving and remember; headshots are the fastest and most efficient methods of elimination!

How To Play: Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to play the game: (A)(LEFT) Move Left, (D)(RIGHT) Move Right. Press the (W)(UP) key to jump, hold the (SHIFT) key to run. For a double-jump press the (W/UP) key while in mid-air. To perform a back-flip (which can help you dodge bullets) press the (W/UP) key while moving backward. To duck down press the (S) key. Press the (E) key to change weapons when you need a more powerful one or run out of ammunition. Use your computer mouse to aim and left click on it to shoot. You can see your health bar, number of shots fired and the amounts of eliminations in the top left corner of the game screen.

TIPS: Be sure to collect all power-ups as they will help you to wipe out the enemy. Jump a lot to avoid getting hit. Watch for your stamina (the red bar). Once that reaches zero, it’s game over. If you're low on health, just wait and it will slowly regenerate.

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