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Cool Alien Shooting Game - Cyberhorde

Rating: 6.9/10 - 352 votes

The year is 2413; and you’ve just landed a job with the Spaceport Security Service – manning a routine turret gun position on the famously non-eventful Alpha 3 Planetary Colony… Sounds pretty dull, right? Well, that’s because no one in the entire universe could have predicted the explosive mayhem that would happen next! Cyberhorde is an exhilarating and awesomely intense space robot shoot ‘em up game where you have to single-handedly defend a planet against an almighty marching horde of powerful extra-terrestrial cyborgs. Armed with just a single turret gun, you have to find a way to survive against the seemingly overwhelming amount of robot crabs, dragonflies, birds, and more!

This challenging and action-packed shooting adventure is a fun modern take on the classic Space Invaders genre where a movable gun at the bottom of the screen has to valiantly defend against descending enemies. Sharp reactions, pinpoint accuracy, supreme concentration and an ability to stay cool under pressure are all key attributes in this epic battle of humankind versus a terrifying android force. Have you got the ruthless ability to ‘seek, shoot and destroy’, and become the hero of the hour? You’re the last line of defense Captain – it’s time to smoke these alien robots big time!

How to Play: (Note: Once the game initially loads, click on the blue ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen to proceed. You then have to choose between the English, Spanish, and Russian language options. Click on your desired language using your computer mouse or touchpad).

There are 2 distinct game modes to choose from: Mission Mode, and Endless Horde Mode. In Mission Mode, you have to pass a series of increasingly challenging levels where you have to defend against a set amount of approaching robots. In Endless Horde Mode, the robots just keep on coming – and you have to score as many points as possible before inevitably being overrun. The controls remain the same for both game modes; use your computer mouse or touchpad to move your turret gun along the bottom of the game screen, and Left Click to fire. If you want to concentrate more on movement, Press the Z Key on your computer keyboard to initiate your automatic fire capabilities.

In Mission Mode, the method of achieving victory varies from level to level. In some levels, you have to survive for a set time limit indicated in the top right corner of the game screen. In others, you may have to keep eliminating robots until a Red status bar in the top right corner decreases entirely. You also might have to eliminate a set number of ‘Boss’ robots in order to progress. A helpful briefing explains the types of robots you are going to face before each Mission begins. Keep an eye on your own green Health Bar indicated above the turret gun. Each time you get struck by an enemy laser or impact with an enemy robot, your Health Bar decreases slightly. Keep picking up health and weaponry power ups to increase your chances of survival. Good luck!

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