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Easy to Play Shooting Game - 10 Bullets

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How many alien spaceships can you destroy with just 10 Bullets? In this simple, timing-based online shooting game, you must eliminate as many of the enemy spacecraft as you can. (Please note: This game contains a lot of flashing graphics due to the exploding bullets.) There's no time limit, no power-ups, no reloading - like the title suggests, you just have 10 bullets! That doesn’t mean you can only destroy ten ships – because each ship you eliminate sets off a chain reaction that blows up all of the other ships around it.

Just one of your bullets can destroy dozens and dozens of those pesky alien spaceships! You must choose your moment wisely – if you fire when there are only a few ships around, you might only destroy one or two of them. But if you fire when there’s a whole bunch of them above you, sit back and get ready for the fireworks! Each time you destroy a ship, two missiles explode out of it. If those missiles destroy another ship – there are 3 missiles released. The next ship eliminated releases 4, and so on until there are as many as 20 missiles flying around, destroying every enemy spaceship in sight.

Set the chain reaction going, and all you have to do is watch the destruction unfold in front of you! How many spaceships do you think you can get rid of with your ten bullets? Let’s go for the record!

How to Play: The controls are very simple – Left click with your computer mouse or hit Spacebar on your computer keyboard to fire a bullet. As you only have 10 precious bullets – make sure you use them wisely. Your massive bullet-launcher is at the bottom of the game screen, aiming straight up at the spaceships flying above. Wait until there are a lot of ships above you before shooting.

If you hit a spaceship, two missiles explode from it. If these missiles destroy other ships, they release 3, 4, 5 further missiles, and this chain reaction keeps going until all the missiles fly off the game screen. Each time you fire a bullet, a cool robot voice tells you how many you have left. You can also see how many bullets are remaining in the top left corner of the game screen. Check how many spaceships you have destroyed in the top right corner of the game area. Ok, let’s get firing! Good luck!

Tip: Be patient, wait until there are a lot of spaceships flying above your gun. That way, the chain reaction of missiles will destroy much more spaceships.

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