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Fantasy Medieval Battle Game - Epic War II

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Epic War 2 is a cool sequel to the hugely popular fantasy war/tower-defense strategy game, Epic War. Combining the best elements of defensive and attacking medieval army battles (Middle Earth-style), this epic adventure is set in a world of Lord of the Rings and World of Warcraft-style characters such as Orcs, Wizards, Goblins, Dragons, and other supernatural creatures. In Epic War II, you play the role of the Army General and Arrow Shooter, and have to quickly advance your troops across the land, ruthlessly destroying enemy castles along the way.

This battle-filled fantasy adventure game requires shrewd tactical nous and strategy planning, as you have to set up your army to defend as well as attack. March across foreign lands to reclaim your kingdom from the rebel invaders, and crush all opposition in your wake. Are you ready to unsheathe your sword, sharpen your arrows, and strap on your armor? Good, see you on the battlefield then, O' Great Medieval Warrior!

How to Play: In each of the increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to destroy the enemy castle, while keeping your own castle intact. Strategically send troops (squires) across the battlefield, defeating enemy soldiers and eventually breaking your opponent’s defenses. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the ‘Human Squires’ icon along the bottom of the game screen to set a troop on his way. While you cannot individually control your troops as they fight (you can only set them moving), you can control the massive Arrow Launcher that is perched on top of your castle.

Use the Up and Down Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to aim, and hit the A Key to fire. Adjust your aim accordingly depending on the distance between the Arrow Launcher and the oncoming enemy troops. Your ultimate goal is to reduce the Health Bar of the enemy castle (located on the right side of the game screen). Your troops march from left to right until they reach the enemy castle, or are slain in battle. Once they reach the enemy castle, they hack away at the foundations, reducing its Health Bar. If you destroy the enemy castle, you progress to the next level (one step further on the map).

Likewise, if enemy troops break your defenses, they attack your castle’s foundations. Your castle’s Health Bar is located in the top left corner of the game screen. Sending out troops costs virtual money; the total cost is indicated by the Blue Status Bar at the bottom of the game screen. Earn virtual income by advancing on the battlefield, and slaying enemy soldiers. At the end of each successful level, you earn EXP Points which can be used to upgrade your defenses, armies, troops, and armor.

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