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Internet Shooting Game to Play - Thing Thing Arena 3

Rating: 8.5/10 - 7823 votes

Thing Thing Arena 3 is a survival shooting game for teens where you have to wipe out as many enemies as possible without getting hit yourself. It’s a super-slick action-packed adventure with stylish acrobatics and a formidable array of firepower! Be warned! You get to perform spectacular aerial stunts while blasting away at the enemy – whacking them with iron bars, ducking, dodging, running and jumping your way through. This game requires an expert knowledge of Thing Thing weaponry, razor sharp shooting skills, a sense of style and a ruthless approach. It’s endless hours of explosive action and fun!

OK, your job is to terminate the enemy – and fast! Shoot first; ask questions later. Headshots work best! It’s you or them and there’s lot of them! You earn points for destroying these guys. You are awarded additional points for taking them out with style! The cooler looking the better! This is the latest spin-off survival game of the Thing Thing series. It is very similar to the previous Thing Thing games when it comes to game play. There are some changes however. It now features various improvements, most notably customized games (where you are given more options on how you want the game to be). You can only carry 2 weapons at any time, along with your trusty lead pipe. If you have fewer weapons, any that you walk over will be automatically added to your inventory. There are also many bonuses awarded for completing certain tasks. You can see a comprehensive list of all of the bonuses and achievements in the Pause menu. Press the “P” key on your computer keyboard to view them. This fast-paced shooting game is pure non-stop action. It will take you to the edge of your survival capabilities! Ready to clean up? Remember - straight and stylish headshots! Get moving and good luck Sharp Shooter!

How To Play: Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to play: (A) move left, (D) move right. Use (W) to jump, (S) to take cover/duck, SHIFT to run, E or Mouse Wheel to change weapon, (R) to reload, SPACEBAR to Throw/Exchange Weapons. Use your computer mouse to aim and left click on it to shoot. To switch to Melee (for close range encounters), press (Q) or click on the mouse wheel. Note: Keys can be remapped at any time in the Options menu and Pause menu. You can see your Health (red bar), Score and number of enemies destroyed at the top of the game screen. Enjoy!

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