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Multiplayer Zombie Shooting Game - Boxhead: Bounty Hunter

Rating: 9.2/10 - 2650 votes

Prepare Zombie Hunter for a very difficult challenge, and a ferocious, interactive gun battle against real-time opponents (other players from around the world)! Boxhead: Bounty Hunter is a suspense-filled, all-action, multi-player version of the hugely-popular Boxhead shooting games series for teens. Set in a town desolated by the Zombie War, you have to stealthily move around, picking off your opponents with a huge arsenal of powerful guns and ammo. Unlike other Boxhead titles, instead of battling against a horde of angry zombies, you have to take on other gamers, playing as the famous Zombie-hunting heroes Jon Bambo or Bind. Use your quick reactions and fast fingers to dodge and weave out of harm’s way, and unleash a hail of firepower upon your opponents. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard and become the Ultimate Boxhead Champion? Time to find out!

How to Play: In each high-octane 10-minute battle, your goal is to score as many eliminations as you can against your numerous online opponents. (Note: As these are on-going online shoot-outs, you may join the game after the round has started, meaning you’ll have less than the full 10 minutes.) You can choose between Jon Bambo or Bind as your character. Roam around the suburban setting, and try to eliminate as many enemies as you can (Note that these bad guys will be playing as either Bambo or Bind also). Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to move your character around. To fire your weapon, hit Spacebar.

Each time you eliminate an opponent, boxes appear around him. Collect these boxes to earn virtual money which can be used in the Shop to purchase bigger guns. Toggle through these guns using the Number Keys, or Left Click on the numbers in the top left corner using your mouse. Each time you are eliminated, you are automatically brought to the Shop, where you can upgrade your arsenal and replenish your ammo. Click on the Shop Icon in the top left corner of the game screen to visit the shop manually during the battle. When you are ready to re-enter the battle, click on the Enter Game button along the bottom (alternatively, hit the Esc Key on your keyboard to ‘Re-spawn’ back into the battle).

The aim is to get into 1st position in the standings by scoring the most eliminations, and earning the most virtual income. Each Round (battle) is over when the timer in the top right corner reaches zero. If you are in 1st position at the end of the Round, you’re the Champion! You can stay on to defend your title; a new Round automatically starts after about 15 seconds. If one of your opponents is in 1st position, a directional arrow pops up, pointing towards his location. Go get him, and take that 1st position for once and for all!

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