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Sniper Shooting Combat Game - Flash Strike

Rating: 8.1/10 - 1236 votes

Flash Strike is a fast-action combat shooting game for teens (based on the classic game “Counter Strike") where you play as a mercenary sniper. Your goal in this popular tactical shootout game is to wipe out as many terrorists as you can with your deadly Desert Eagle pistol, ultra-efficient M4 rifle, super-sharp sniper rifle and flash-bang stun grenades. This high-octane military adventure offers hours of explosive fun and entertainment! In order to succeed, you need to be a hotshot marksman and a dedicated soldier – one who’s insanely fast with his keyboard and mouse! Do you have what it takes to stop these grisly terrorists from doing their worst? Well, let’s see what you’re made of Soldier!

OK, you’re the good guy. The terrorists are the Baddies. Your mission is to take them out, quickly and without remorse. Move fast. Aim, fire. Get it done! Think about other stuff later. Accuracy is the key to success here. If you take out a terrorist with one shot, you receive a monster bonus. Your final score will depend on your accuracy, so shoot straight! Head and body shots will eliminate a terrorist in one hit! Prepare for a full-on attack!

How To Play: Choose your playing level (Rookie, Veteran or Hardcore). At the start of each level, you are told how many hostiles you are up against. You need to destroy all of the enemy force to pass each level. Use your computer mouse to aim and Left Click to fire. Take advantage of all your weaponry - Keep your Desert Eagle for back up – use your M4 for quick firing and precision - and use your Magnum Sniper for long distance targets. You can change weapons by pressing (1) for Desert Eagle, (2) for M4 Rifle and (Q) for Sniper Rifle. Remember to reload your weapon often (Pressing the "R" key on your computer keyboard).

Press (F) to throw a FlashBang grenade which will stun any enemy that gets close to your position. Always hide behind the wall when using your flashbangs! (Use the letter key (E) to take cover). Each time you take a hit, the screen goes red and your Health Indicator (HP) decreases. You can see your HP in the top left corner of the game screen and the number of guys you have wasted and your virtual money earned in the top right corner. Your remaining bullets and flash bangs are displayed in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Once your HP reaches 0%, it’s curtains. Now, over to you Fast Fingers!

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