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Online Shooting Strategy Game - Commando Rush

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Tower defense-style strategy games are always intense, suspense-filled affairs, but often you are stuck on the sidelines, unable to truly get involved while your troops are engaged in a bitter battle to the end. However, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually join in the fighting action? Commando Rush is a challenging and unusual tower defense + RPG shooting game that answers that call! Here, you actually take part in the mission – playing the role of legendary Commando John Rush on the battlefield while also controlling your marching legions of troops, tanks and turrets. Courageously defend your base, and cunningly attack the enemy in a volatile battle royale featuring rapid machine gun fire, huge missile launching turrets, swift bomb dropping aircraft, humongous tank-like bosses, and more!

This breathtaking exhibition of military firepower should be a good fit for fans of both classic online shoot ‘em ups, and typical tower defense activities. You get the best of both worlds; the supper fast-paced action of your own side-scrolling shooting activity - as well as the calculated, strategic gameplay of a conventional tower defense title. You have to exhibit shrewd military battle tactics and overall army decision making while also being mindful of protecting Commando Rush as an individual! Prepare yourself for the future of tower defense games – where you are immersed in the center of the action! Good luck out there on the battlefield Commando!

How to Play: To get straight down to the action, and avoid the complicated signing up process, click ‘Play as Guest’ on the Main Menu Screen. There are different Game Modes; Assault Mode, Wave Mode, Payload Mode, and Aerial Attack Mode. At the beginning of the game, only Assault Mode is unlocked; this is a classic tower defense game mode where you simply have to defeat all of the enemy forces to progress. As you complete different levels, more game modes are unlocked along the way.

Before you enter battle, you have to go to the ‘Shop’ to equip Commando John Rush’s personal arsenal. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click and drag an available weapon into the ‘Loadout’ box on the right of the game screen to ‘equip’ that weapon. As your rank improves, more powerful weapons are added to the Shop. When your arsenal is complete, click the ‘Play’ button in the bottom right corner to begin the level.

Your base is situated on the extreme left of the side-scrolling game screen, while the enemy base is on the extreme right. You must defeat all enemy forces to complete the mission. Turret guns stand guard outside each base. Press Spacebar on your computer keyboard to send your troops and tanks marching automatically toward the enemy. The ‘camera’ follows Commando Rush, and you control his movements using the "WASD" Keys. Use the computer mouse cursor as an aiming device, and Left Click to fire the Commando’s weapons. Use the Number Keys (1,2,3) to toggle between the Commando’s weapons. Each time he gets hit by enemy fire, his Health Bar at the top of the game screen decreases. Once this is emptied, he loses a life (you can see how many lives he has remaining in the top left corner of the game screen). Keep destroying enemy turrets, troops and aircraft to advance toward their base. Remember, you can keep pressing Spacebar to send in more troops as they become available.

Success in Assault Mode unlocks the other different game modes. In Wave Mode, you simply have to survive as many ‘waves’ of marching enemies as possible. In Payload Mode, you have to escort and protect a ticking time bomb until it reaches the enemy base. Finally, in Aerial Assault Mode, you have to capture all enemy flags before the clock runs out. Ready for some intense warfare?

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