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Play Thing-Thing 4 Shooting Game Online

Rating: 8.4/10 - 11632 votes

Thing-Thing 4 is the latest version in the classic series of fast-paced Flash shooting games for older kids, where you have to “take-out” your opponents and reach your destination by shooting what ever gets in your way. It requires super-fast hand-eye coordination and ruthless determination! Thing-Thing 4 provides hours of high-speed acrobatic action and explosive entertainment! This latest version features updated graphics, new weapons, secret rooms and the same all-action game play you've come to expect and love! You get to create the Ultimate Assassin and show absolutely NO MERCY towards the opposing forces that are out to smash you. It’s destroy or be destroyed! You can customize every part of your character.

You are the Bio-engineered weapon Project 154 - an unstoppable destroying machine. This is a fearsome fight for survival through the ranks of the Systems Corp. You need to destroy your creator – the one who has been holding you prisoner. You have to get passed mercenaries and other genetic horrors, in order to escape to the outside world once and for all. Shoot straight 154! Freedom is just a clean headshot away!

How To Play: Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to move: Walk (A/D), Run (SHIFT+A/D), Jump (W), Double Jump (W - Twice). To perform a Back-flip, press the “W” key while moving backward. To Duck, press the “S” key. To switch weapons, press “E” or use the Mouse Wheel. Use “Q” or the Mouse Wheel for the Melee (a close up fight) weapon. The sword is a powerful melee weapon that replaces the lead pipe and is capable of eliminating an enemy with 4-6 blows. The Sword is obtained after you get 500 melee wipe-outs with the lead pipe. To swap or throw a weapon, use the SPACEBAR. To Pause/Unpause, press “P”. Use your computer mouse to aim and Left Click to fire. Note: The keys can be changed in the pause menu in the Key Map submenu. Left Click, Mouse Wheel, and Mouse Wheel Button cannot be modified.

You can stop playing the game without needing to save. You can come back and play until you have the game 100% complete.

Tips: Avoid bullets by doing back-flips or double jumps. It’s hard for them to hit you when you are in the air (but remember) your accuracy will also suffer greatly. Duck down - lower your profile and you have less chance of being hit. Stay out of enemy range so you can get a clear shot. If you run out of ammo and there isn't any available on the ground... throw the gun at an enemy – it might save you some precious seconds or do a small amount of damage. If you're about to die, run away and hide somewhere! If you can avoid being hit for a few seconds, you'll begin to heal. Last but not least, Aim for your opponents head for best results!

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