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Rating: 8.9/10 - 1102 votes

Thing Thing Arena is a simple survival shooting game for teens where you get to “take out” a wide range of fearsome opposition, using skill, cunning and lightning speed! You need to eliminate as many “nasties” as you can, without getting "fried" yourself. This stylish shooting game is hours of non-stop, fast-paced action and excitement! You need to be quick on-the-draw and ruthless in order to survive this hair-raising adventure. Remember, clean headshots will get you through the levels!

This game is based on the series of classic Thing Thing action games and is likely for those players who want all of the explosive action and fun without the long story details. There is no story here - you just have to terminate your enemies (with extreme prejudice) and survive the oncoming onslaught as long as you can! If you do well, you can submit your score online and get the chance to become one of the top Thing Thing players worldwide – a status worthy of significant admiration - creating endless jealousy amongst your friends!

How to Play: There are 4 extremely different game modes you can play, which makes the game very entertaining: Survival Mode (against a never-ending onslaught of enemies), Zombie Survival (against the undead, who are super-fast and have nothing to lose), Super Survival (with more enemies, more fire power but less health) and last but not least, Stinky Bean Survival (against the most pathetic life form on earth – too stupid to comprehend pain but deadly in numbers!). In this intensely demanding environment, you need to be on your toes – all the time! Use your expert tactical knowledge and fighting skills to destroy as many assailants as possible - and remember, beware the bean!

To customize your character, click on the different head and body parts with your computer mouse and they will appear on the character. Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to play: Move Left (A), Move Right (D), Jump/Double Jump (W), Duck Down (S). (E) and (Q) keys are used to cycle forward and backward through weapons. Use your computer mouse to aim and left-click on it to shoot. (P) key pauses the game. Press (Control) for Melee (close range) attacks. You can see your Health Bar and Score in the top left corner of the game screen and the number of eliminations in the top right hand corner.

TIP: Shoot straight. Take no prisoners. It's them or you!

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