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Free Restaurant Game for Kids - Luigi Restaurants

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Can Luigi make a success of his new business? Luigi Restaurants is a fun diner business simulation role playing game for kids where Luigi (Mario’s twin brother) has to serve all of his customers on time, in order to earn a nice tip for his vacation. But he needs your help as he is the only waiter on duty, and the restaurant is very very busy. Your aim is to assist Luigi in satisfying all of his and impatient customers. To do this, Luigi must quickly show them to their tables, take their orders, serve their food, and clean up after them. Things start to heat up as more and more hungry customers arrive.

Luigi must step up to the mark by multitasking and doing a variety of complex tasks at once. If Luigi leaves his customers waiting too long, they won’t be happy and will leave a poor tip; Or worse, when a customer gets really angry, his eyes turn red and he stomps out of the diner leaving no money whatsoever. When customers are finished eating, they tip and leave. So hurry up, and clear the tables to make way for more satisfied paying customers. Happy food service!

How to Play: To start enter any name and click on "Start". You are given a target amount of virtual money you need to earn in order to advance to the next level. Use your computer mouse to click on the customers as they enter your restaurant, and then click on an empty table to seat them down. When a customer shouts “Over Here” and waves their hands, this means that they have read the menu and are ready to order; Click on their table to see what food they want, then place the order with the kitchen staff by clicking on the similar food icon in the top left corner of the game screen.

When the food is ready, it will be left out for Luigi to collect and bring to the customer’s table. When a customer is finished eating and leaves, click on the table to collect your tip and clean up for the next paying customer. Try to fit in enough covers before your restaurant closes. If you've earned your target sum of virtual money, you progress to the next level; If not, you will have to work another day at the same level. Ouch!

When Luigi has got the swing of things and a better business strategy, he starts to put some money aside to invest in Upgrades such as better shoes for walking faster, a bigger menu to attract more customers, better seats to increase tips, TVs for entertainment to help increase customer patience, and music to speed up the cooking time. All of these upgrades help his business perform more efficiently. When Luigi has gained enough experience working in the first restaurant in the game, he might just get a better job offer to come and work in a bigger restaurant within the game, and earn more for his hard work.

Tip: Help keep the starving little guys happy by guessing which one needs to be served next; Then go to that table before being called by the customer.

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