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Stick Tennis Game to Play with Mouse

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Stick Tennis is an awesome and addicting, Flash-based online tennis game. Here, you take part in epic mouse-swiping tennis battles against beginner to advanced level computer opponents. Each single set match follows the official rules of tennis, and is action-packed full of hard-hitting serves and aces, majestic drop shots, magnificent passing drives, cool cross-court plays, thrills, spills, and more..

This highly-challenging and realistic tennis simulation game requires really fast mouse control reaction speed, excellent hand-eye co-ordination, sharp focus and timing, and instinctive decision making skills under pressue. Just as in tennis in real life, you must quickly decide the direction you want to hit the ball, and the type of shot to play.

Battering your opponent with relentless ground strokes might not work against the top level computer players – you really must vary your game with power-baseline plays, deft drop shots, lots of hard work at the net, and more. Have you got the alround skill and determination to make the grade as a Stick Tennis legend? It's time to find out if you're the Ace among the emerging talents of this iconic sport!

How to Play: Once the game loads, click on the ‘Casual Sets’ icon in order reach the "select an opponent" area. Here, you can choose between six increasingly-challenging opponents. For first time players, we recommend that you begin by taking on the weakest player here – Shankitova.

When the action begins, you control the player at the bottom of the court / game screen using your computer mouse or touchpad. When serving, Left Click to toss the ball into the air, and then click + hold + swipe in the direction you want to swing your racket & hit the tennis ball. When the ball is in general play, your player automatically runs toward the ball. Click + hold + swipe your mouse to direct your shot back over the net.

Timing is everything! You really have to work hard at getting your swing timing right; if you click & swipe too late, the ball might fly past you. Likewise, if you click & swipe too early, you might miss-hit the ball. Also concentrate hard on keeping down your unforced error count.

Each match-up is a one-set contest. The rules are the same as in real life tennis. The first player to reach 6+ games with a winning margin of at least two games is declared the winner (e.g. 6-4, 6-3, 7-5 etc). However, if the game score reaches 6-6, there is a tie-break, in which case the first player to reach 7 points (with a two point clear winning margin) in the tiebreaker is the winner of that set.

Have your best friends and family members also tested their virtual tennis skills against these tough computer opponents? Give them a shot and some savvy tips as an experienced pro on the Stick Tennis circuit! Perhaps you'd make a great tennis coach one day!

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