Play freestyle skateboarding games free online with no download required: Skateboard City is a highly challenging freestyle skate flash game for PC, Mac, iPad. Play the best skateboarding games for kids (boys/ girls) who love fun freestyle stunt games online, super cool new flash games.
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Freestyle Skateboarding Game - Skateboard City

Rating: 8.2/10 - 2966 votes

Skateboard City is a very realistic, challenging and addicting online skateboarding game that should prove an awesome test for ‘sk8er kids’, youth, and grown-up fans of radical freestyle skateboarding. Set in a tailor-made, obstacle-filled urban skate park, you have to complete a series of tricky ‘missions’ by pulling off some increasingly difficult and complex skate stunts under the added pressure of a ticking timer. Beginners beware; controlling your rider can be extremely difficult, but if you pull off some of these outrageous stunts, the hard work will really pay off!

Although based around an ethos of ‘freestyling’ and ‘chilling’, skateboarding is a very athletic activity that requires pinpoint timing and an almost mechanical accuracy of movement – any little slip can cause your rider to come crashing off of his board! This online skateboarding adventure isn’t just for avid devotees of this extremely cool extreme sport; fans of movement and balance-based skill games should also enjoy the particularly technical action. So, have you got the skills and tenacity to become a boarding master in just a few strokes of your keyboard? Let’s see some moves that are truly ‘off the hook!’

How to Play: There are two distinct game modes to choose from; Mission Mode, and Freestyle Mode. In Mission Mode, you have to complete a series of missions against the clock by performing set tasks such as executing a certain amount of flips, grinds, jumps etc. In Freestyle Mode, you can simply skate around the park at your own leisure, trying to score as many points as possible by pulling off quality moves (Freestyle Mode is only unlocked once you complete Level 1 on Mission Mode)

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your skater. Simply press the Left or Right Arrow to set your rider moving, and press the Down Arrow to brake / stop (there is no ‘accelerator’ button). Press Spacebar to jump into the air, and Z to perform various tricks. At the start of each ‘mission’, you are shown precise instructions as to which trick needs to be performed, and what buttons to press. Once you fulfill this task, you progress to the next mission. However, if you do not complete your task(s) before the clock runs out, it’s game over. Keep one eye on the clock in the top right corner of the game screen. Tip: If you are unsure of the controls for a particular trick, click on the ‘Trick’ button in the bottom left corner to see an illustration of the move being performed, and the buttons used. Enjoy!

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