Hand-eye coordination exercise activities: Online hand and eye coordination game for kids, teens, adults/ seniors to play now for free with no download. Mouse games for PC, Mac, iPad, reaction speed practice tests, interactive activities to improve concentration for children with special needs, the elderly.
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Hand-Eye Coordination / Mouse Clicking Game

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Squaretron is a highly addicting skill-based arcade game for kids & grownups to help train your predictive thinking and concentration skills. As a fun hand-eye coordination exercise, Squaretron will actively test your patience and endurance levels. You earn points for catching Sky-Blue ally squares, and you lose lives for touching the Red moving squares. Squaretron is not about speed or chaotic movements. There is no need for quick movements to stay in the game – it is enough to deftly move around, and plan your moves ahead just as in chess or checkers.

Do not concentrate on one small area, and do not target one piece on the screen. See the whole picture and move your white square around the unfriendly Red squares while collecting sky Blue ones on your way. The strategy you should follow in order to beat this game is to make orderly moves in the middle of the disorder and chaos. You have only three lives to begin but have a chance to earn more during the game.

There are additional types of squares flying around; Some are beneficial while others are just going to cause trouble. You have to be careful when collecting these "Power Ups" or "Power Downs", and choose wisely which ones to collect and which ones to let go. As you keep catching the Blue squares, your bonus bar keeps growing. Once you fill it completely, you receive a bonus at the end of the level. As you progress through the levels, the intensity of the game grows – the squares fly around faster, the Blue squares move very close to the Red ones, and the number of squares increases (making your task harder and harder). Good Luck!

How to Play: You do not require anything apart from your computer mouse, good hand-eye coordination and plenty of cool-headed concentration. Simply move your mouse around, and your little White square will follow your mouse movement. You do not need to click your mouse to catch the Blue squares. Simply move your White square towards a Blue square and once you touch one – it is collected. You should learn what each Power Up and Power Down icon means in order to play the game well.

Once you know them by heart, your movements will be a lot smoother, and your game play will become more intuitive rather than a chaotic attempt to escape red squares and various Power Downs. Plan your moves well ahead, and track the motion of the squares because some move faster and some slower than others. Predicting their movement will help you move between them fuss free.

Your number of remaining lives is displayed by heart icons sown at the bottom of the game screen. Touching a Red square will not only cost you one life but it will cost you time during which you cannot collect blue squares, and therefore lowers your bonus. Power Ups and Power Downs are collected the same way you collect squares. Power Ups are Blue, while Power Downs are Red icons.

List of Power Ups and Power Downs for you to know:

  • Frost Icon – stops movement of all squares for three seconds allowing you to go around and collect them easily.
  • Zzz icon – decreases the speed of the game.
  • Arrows showing inwards – decreases the size of your square, making it easier to avoid enemy squares.
  • Floor (red blue small squares on a line) – once you collect this power-up, a floor appears and the red squares pass through it while the blue squares don’t. It works like a filter of good and bad guys, making your task much easier.
  • Heart Icon – gives you an extra life. Try to collect it at any cost (even risking to touch a red square afterwards).
  • +1000 – simply gives you an extra thousand points.
  • Shield icon – protects your square from red squares. This allows you to touch and go through them without fear.
  • 1000 – deducts 1000 points from your score.
  • Red clock icon – increases the game speed (and will make you feel sorry for collecting it).
  • 4 Red arrows – increases the size of your square, making it a big target for red squares.
  • A double ring (of red and blue) icon is probably the worst you can collect. It turns all blue squares into red ones for six seconds, meaning that it will definitely cost you a life or two.

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