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Fun Skill Game to Play Online - Shadow Snake

Rating: 9/10 - 888 votes

Shadow Snake is a fun, arcade-style skill game where you have to control a snake and help him escape the Temple of Shadows. In each level, you must collect appearing Sunshine pieces to charge the portal in the center of the room. Once you have collected sufficient pieces of Sunshine, the portal opens and you can escape to the next level. You must avoid a whole host of bad guys, including worm-like creepy crawlies, scuttling demons and exploding flowers.

The levels get more difficult as you progress, with the enemies becoming faster and more numerous. The Snake has a Life Bar attached to him, and if this touches off an enemy, it gets reduced. Once the Life Bar is extinguished, it’s game over and you must repeat the level. This game will test your dexterity and quick reactions as you avoid enemies and slither around as quickly as you can. Ok, Snake Charmer, show us what you’ve got! Good Luck.

How to Play: Control the Snake using your computer mouse. Wherever you move your mouse, the Snake will follow that movement. You must collect the Sunshine pieces that appear all around the game screen. As you collect the pieces, the portal in the center is charged up. Once you collect all of the pieces, the portal opens and you can slither through to progress to the next level. You must avoid the little enemies (bad guys) that crawl around the screen. If you touch off any of them, you lose some of your life bar. Once all the green pieces of your Life Bar are gone, you lose a life and have to replay the level.

There are various Power-ups you can collect as you go along. Green balls of energy restore your life bar and add additional bits of armor to the Snake. White Orbs eliminate all of the enemies on the game screen. A Shield gives you a few seconds of invincibility. There are two modes of gameplay, Normal and Hardcore. Hardcore is a more difficult game mode, which is opened after successful completion of the Normal game mode. It has more enemies who move faster on each level, and is even more fun for advanced players.

Tip: If you see a group of bad guys about to corner you, curl up into a ball. That makes you smaller and you can avoid enemies more easily.

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