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Problem Solving & Skill Game for Kids - Ball Revamped IV

Rating: 9/10 - 132 votes

Get ready for the ultimate anti-gravity challenge with Ball Revamped IV, the devilishly tricky skill game where you have to defy the laws of physics, and guide a ball through 100 levels of the most varied obstacle courses imaginable. In this addicting online puzzle, you must maneuver (float) the colorful ball around a number of obstacles and through a special portal to complete each level. There are a whole host of different challenges in each level – you’ll have to squeeze through tight spaces, avoid deadly lasers, smash through barriers, navigate through mazes and more!

If the ball touches any of these obstacles or side walls, you lose a life. Your ball is carefully weighted, and is tricky to control so you’ll need nifty fingers and quick reactions to succeed. Your strategic planning skills will also be tested as you must choose a specific path for the ball in some levels. Dexterity is the key here – controlling the ball is difficult and you’ll need to use natural gravity to your advantage. This fun problem solving activity will also test your quick thinking abilities as there is so much to consider in each level. Ok Pathway Master, show us your ball control skills. Good Luck!

How to Play: In each level, the goal is to get the ball to the square portal on the other side of the game screen. Control the ball using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. The Up Arrow is the most important key. The ball is weighted, so if you let it float, it just sinks to the bottom. Keep tapping the Up Arrow to keep the ball afloat, and use the Left and Right Arrows to direct it. The more you tap the Up Arrow, the more momentum the ball has.

Because of the weight, a slight touch on the Down Arrow will move the ball quickly, so be careful. There are a whole host of different obstacles in the 100 levels. Remember, if you touch the side walls, you lose a life. You have unlimited lives, but you can see how many you have lost in the top right corner of the game screen. Power-ups can help you reach the portal. The Jagged Power-up gives your ball razor-sharp edges so it can blast through wooden obstacles.

There are Power-ups that make the ball smaller so you can squeeze through little gaps. You encounter more varied obstacles as you progress through the levels. Sometimes there are trick portals – always get the ball to the one with white stars around it. Electric fences surrounding the portal have to be de-activated by following arrows. Reverse obstacles turn the game screen upside-down so be ready to change direction. There are so many obstacles to overcome in this ultimate brain-teaser, so what are you waiting for?

Tips: There is a timer at the top of the game screen, but it isn’t ticking down, so take your time. To pause the game at any time, hit the P key. If you want to stop playing and return to the game later, there is a level code at the bottom of the game screen. Remember that code and type it in on the menu screen. This brings you back to the level you were on before.

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