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Fantasy Battle Game - Epic War 5: Hell’s Gate

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Ok Commander - Hell’s Gate has been opened, and evil has swept across the continents once again. It’s time to gather a new army - and strike back! Epic War 5: Hell’s Gate is a stunning sequel in the popular Epic War series of combat strategy games for teens, set in a fantasy world full of wizards, elves, orcs, and more. Command battalions of supernatural creatures against the dark forces in this awesome RPG battle adventure. Take back the land for good, and vanquish your enemies for once and for all!

Your strategic thinking abilities are tested to the max in this virtual battlefield challenge. You must use good military tactics, and make shrewd decisions to ensure victory in each battle. Unlike previous Epic War titles, there is little or no defensive element to the action. Attack is the best form of defense, as the old saying goes! March your troops across difficult terrain, and take on waves of enemy creatures on their own ground. Upgrade your fantastical armies as you progress, and assemble a battalion that truly is a force to be reckoned with! Ready to lead your troops, Oh Great Conqueror? It’s time to lead from the front – Charge!

How to Play: The goal in each level is to defeat the entire opposition army. Like your own army, the opposition has numerous small infantry-style creatures, then one or more ‘Boss’ characters that you have to eliminate to progress. Before you begin the battle, you have to select your ‘Hero’ from a choice of three – Viegraf the Red, Queen Etheriea, or the Skull Knight. Each Hero is immensely strong, has different attributes, and is appointed the leader of your army. After that, you have to add ‘Units’ to your army. Units are battalions of smaller creatures, much like front-line troops. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the ‘Formation’ icon along the bottom of the game screen. Add Units to your battle line-up by Left Clicking on their icons (you can unlock more Units as you progress).

Once battle commences, point-and-click using use your computer mouse or touchpad to control your troops. Click on each member’s individual icon along the bottom of the game screen, then click on the area of the battlefield that you want them to advance (or retreat) to. Scroll across the battlefield from left to right using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, or by hovering the mouse along the sides. You can send troops forward in individual Unit groups, or altogether, by activating all of their icons at once. Complete each level by eliminating the entire opposing army, including the big Boss character. Add new unlocked Units to your army after completing each level.

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