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3D Escape Strategy Game - Stealth 3D

Rating: 8.2/10 - 164 votes

Finding yourself in the mist of a very hostile environment, you must sneak around to find the key card that helps you to escape the simulation zone. Stealth 3D is an extremely-challenging, survival and escape-based action adventure game for teens where you play the role of a teen sleuth who has stumbled across this secret environment while on a tour.

Set in a dark, futuristic-style industrial complex, you must creep around the high security facility undetected, exhibiting the silky skills of a top-class spy while searching for the all-important key card for the exit lift! Avoid the security cameras, evade the robot guards, and somehow make it all the way to the elevator at the end of the level.

This really interesting and tricky 3D RPG simulation game and thinking puzzle requires bravery, good analytical problem-solving skills, smart decision-making skills and savvy keyboard-tapping (one false move and the alarm sounds!). Outrunning the guards is not an option – you MUST use STEALTH! This is your opportunity to test your James Bond-style traits in a high-intensity environment. Good luck!

How to Play: This game requires Unity Web Player to play, and loads as quite a large file. It may likely take longer to load than other adventure / RPG games on this site (depending on the speed of your internet connection).

Once the game loads, you find yourself straight into the action. Your goal is to locate the key card for your escape via the exit lift. Survey the environment, move quietly with care and good strategy.

Control your character's movements using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Important: If you move around at full speed, the robotic security guards will likely hear you coming. So, you must hold down the Left Shift Key when moving to ‘sneak’ quietly around the facility. If a robot spots you, it shoots! One hit from a guard's phazer gun, and it's curtains (You re-spawn at the beginning of the level).

Avoid the red laser beams that block your path. You can turn off these beams by gaining access to the lit-up rooms, and pressing the Z Key next to the Locking Mechanism Computer in the corner. If you come into contact with a red laser beam, the alarm sounds, and the guards come with menace to your position (not good). Likewise, if you are spotted by a security camera, the alarm is tripped. The area covered by security cameras are lit up with red dots – so avoid these areas at all costs! Enjoy!

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