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Defense Strategy Game Online - Flower Defense

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You've heard of Tower Defense – now try Flower Defense! In this fun and addicting online strategy game, your mission is to stop the pesky Muck Beetles from ruining your beautiful flower patch. The Muck Beetles are on the march and they plan to eat your Yummy flowers. Your goal is to stop them in their tracks! Strategically place defense weapons along the path to zap the troublesome insects before they reach your flowerbed.

You automatically collect ‘Lumins’ from the flowers that you plant. These Lumins act as virtual money; You can use them to buy weapons, plant new flowers and purchase upgrades. It’s a tricky balancing act because you have to plant enough flowers to give you enough Lumins to create a proper wall of defense. Wave after wave of Muck Beetles march toward your flowers, so you must make sure your weapons are numerous enough to stop them.

Each brain-teasing level introduces more Beetles and more challenges. Use water-cannons, mines, sprinklers and other weapons to melt the Beetles before they can march all the way to the flowers at the end of the path. You'll need quick reactions and a strategic brain to succeed in this tricky tower defense-style game. Ok, let’s go and blast those Bugs!

How to Play: There is a Training Mode option on the menu screen. Try it before you start as it will help you to get used to the game. Use your computer mouse for all of the controls. When you are ready for some real action, browse through the playing scenes using the arrows on the screen to select your preferred bug battleground. You must plant flowers to earn the Lumins you need to purchase weapons.

To plant a flower, Left Click on the flower icon on the right hand side of the game screen. This shows you a list of flowers you can buy and a description of what each flower does. Once you select a flower, plant it by left clicking on the path as far away from the Beetles as possible. Once you have planted a few flowers, your Lumin count rises automatically. Use these Lumins to buy defensive weapons. You select the weapons exactly the same way as the flowers, except they are on the left hand side of the game screen.

Place weapons on or around the path near to where the Beetles begin their march. That way, you can eliminate as many Beetles as possible before they get near your flowerbed. You can improve a weapon by clicking on it and selecting Upgrade – provided you have enough Lumin credits.

Tip: Put most of your weapons nearer to the Beetles’ starting point but don’t forget to place some nearer to the flowerbed, just in case they make it past your first line of defense.

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