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Sea Battle Game Online - The Aquatory: Menace From the Deep

Rating: 8.6/10 - 942 votes

Play an atmospheric, underwater tower defense strategy game: The Aquatory: Menace From the Deep is a challenging, aiming, accuracy and timing-based sea battle simulation game where you must drop bombs, torpedoes and missiles onto enemy submarines in order to stop them from reaching your base. As Captain of the last remaining defensive battleship in the fleet, you have an opportune view of the advancing enemy vessels below, and must time your attacks to perfection.

Tactful point-and-click mouse control is the key to your success in this tricky, maritime tower defense and shooting skill activity. Good battle strategy and positioning plays a big part here! You must quickly figure out the best weapons to use in each situation, and what the best upgrades to purchase are. We need a Navel Commander with the cool-headedness, sense of urgency and tactical nous to stop the enemy. Are you that person?

How to Play: When the game loads, click on the ‘Play’ icon in the bottom right corner of the game screen. In each of the 15 ‘days’ / levels, your objective is to protect your base by preventing enemy submarines from reaching all the way to the left side of the side-scrolling game screen. Each level features numerous ‘waves’ of enemy submarines, and the level is complete when all of these have been eliminated. Note that it takes quite a bit of practicing to fire your shots so that you hit the enemy submarine towers for instant eliminations.

Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys / A and D to control the movement of your vessel on the water's surface. Press your Up and Down Arrows / W and S to toggle through your 4 different types of weapon: Pin Weapon, Barrel Weapon, Torpedo Weapon, and Deep Mine Weapon. Press Spacebar to release one of these missiles into the water. Your aim is to reduce the enemy vessel's health bar all the way down to zero.

If an enemy sub makes it all the way through the barrier on the extreme left hand side of the play area, you lose one life. If you lose all lives, you must re-play the level. Press Spacebar to visit the ‘Upgrade Store’, and buy improved weapons using virtual credits earned through good performances.

Tip 1: Keep an eye on the state of play and oncoming submarines by watching the mini-map at the bottom of the game screen. Tip 2: Release your missiles slightly ahead of where your target is positioned at that moment – This way, the missile will hopefully reach the target just as it passes below.

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