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Online Turn-Based Battle Game - Battalion: Nemesis

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Battalion: Nemesis is a turn-based war strategy game which plays like a board game against the computer. You play the role of Sergeant Tucker – head of the Rapid Attack and Response Unit of the Northern Territory Army. The mutinous Captain Mullen has deserted your force, and is attacking your troops out on the battlefield. You have to repel his attacks using a potent mixture of land, sea, and air response units including tanks, artillery trucks, aircraft, naval vessels, and more in an exciting 10-level campaign of destruction!

This World War II-style tactical battle adventure requires shrewd strategy planning, and the ability to think quickly under the extreme pressure of combat. The turn-based, mouse-clicking style of gameplay should please those who enjoy tactical decision making games, or fans of good old-fashioned virtual war battles with everything at stake! It’s an RPG battle version of chess - you need to move your pieces (units) into good attack and defensive positions in order to secure victory. It’s time to earn your stripes, Sergeant. Good luck on the battlefield Soldier!

How to Play: Before entering “Campaign Mode”, and getting right into the thick of the action, we recommend that you go to “Boot Camp”. Here, you learn the basic controls and various different types of battle Units under your command. The main objective in each level is to eliminate all of the Blue enemy Units from the battlefield (you control the Red Units). These Units can be infantry troops, trucks, tanks, artillery vehicles, bomber planes, and naval vessels. The number and type of Unit varies depending on each level, and the controls are the same for each.

When it is your side’s ‘turn’ (when your forces are highlighted), Left Click on the Unit of your choice, then click on the area of the battlefield you want it to advance to. Or, if you want to fire on an enemy Unit, left click on your target. The Unit moves where you want it to, and fires automatically if you have clicked on an enemy target. You can make a move with each of your Units, one after another, until the end of your ‘turn’. Then, your computer-controlled opponent takes their turn and moves their Units around the battlefield. Each Unit has a small Health Bar just above it, and the Unit is destroyed once this Bar reaches zero. The level is completed when you have eliminated the entire enemy fleet from the battlefield. Note: The battlefield is broken up into a chess-like grid, and only one Unit can fill a square at a time.

Once you enter Campaign Mode, and in later levels, you command more complex Units such as naval ship vessels, artillery trucks, and bomber planes. These are controlled exactly the same way as normal troops, tanks, and trucks – but they have extra firepower and attack range. For example, artillery trucks and naval ships can fire long distances, whereas a normal tank has to be adjacent to an enemy Unit in order to attack it. Also in later levels, you can use ‘Campaign Headquarters’ to create new Units as the level progresses. There are 10 long and challenging levels in total in Campaign Mode. Can you lead the Northern Territory Army to victory in all 10 battles?

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