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Defense Strategy Game to Play - Age of War 2

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Age of War 2 is a challenging online strategy game that comprises the best of two playing styles: Tower defense and all-out attack. Your mission is two-fold: Defend your base (fortress) against the enemy and try to do some damage to their base. To win, you must successfully conquer their fortress. You must control infantry, build up your stronghold, and strategically form a plan of action to attack your enemies' base.

This unusual war game will really get you thinking strategically as you build and develop your defense while sending troops out to attack your opponent. This isn’t the average war-style game, it equally employs both defense and attack elements. It’s also a cool history lesson; As the game progresses, the troops and castles develop through the different Ages – from cavemen, to Egypt, to modern soldiers. Your fortress must be strong enough to survive the onslaught from your enemies, while your army must be diverse and powerful enough to launch a sustained attack on the enemy base.

Your multi-tasking skills will also come into play, as you have to plan out your strategy on both fronts. Earn XP points and virtual Gold coins as you go along to upgrade your army. Improve your fortress with battalion upgrades and send out bigger and better soldiers. Think you’ve got the strategic knowledge to succeed? Let’s see what you’ve got General!

How to Play: Select your Level of Difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Insanely Difficult. Your fortress is on the left hand side of the game screen, the enemies' is on the right. You must build up your tower while sending out troops to attack theirs. All of the tools that you need are at the top of the game screen and you can utilize them using your computer mouse. Left click on the ‘Units’ (troops) to send them marching toward your enemy.

You can only have 10 troops on the battlefield at a time. If one of them is eliminated, be sure to replace him by clicking the 'Unit' of your choice at the top of the game area. Click on the various ‘Turrets’ to build up your tower’s defense. The ‘Special’ icon performs awesome tricks - like avalanches of fire that really do damage to your enemy. Finally, the ‘Upgrade’ icons improve your troops' armor and damage power etc.

Tip: All upgrades and troops cost XP and Gold to buy. Keep an eye on your XP and Gold levels at the bottom right of the game screen. Purchase wisely, if you are low on Gold, buy cheaper items. The more enemies you eliminate, the more Gold you earn.

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