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Free Strategy Puzzle Game - Kaboom 3

Rating: 8.5/10 - 449 votes

Kaboom 3 is a challenging balloon-popping strategy puzzle and cannon shooting game. This is an excellent online activity for children and grownups to help exercise and develop their creative and logical thinking skills in various problem situations using the experience they gain as they progress through the game (Understanding gravity, skillfully adjusting the angle and force of the shot, taking advantage of available aids in advancing though the levels etc.)

Each brain-teasing level introduces new tasks and becomes more difficult. There are several types of balloons that you have to destroy with your cannon balls. Some can simply be shot down (the red ones) while others need to be exploded or channeled into sharp spikes (which puncture the balloons).

If a balloon is chained to the ground or a block, the chain can "usually" be smashed with one shot. However, some chains are so strong that they cannot be broken. Instead, the anchor points (blocks) must be blasted away. If the balloons are about to “get away” from your target area and range, you can take several shots very quickly, and pop (burst) them before they escape.

You are not limited by the number of shots you can take but you are awarded a “medal” for passing a level within the minimum number of shots set for the level. Stay vigilant as some levels require your rapid reactions within a second or less; Otherwise, you will fail the level. Get ready to open your mind, and think outside of the box! Happy problem solving!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to aim and to set the force of your shot. The more "power" dots you see pointing from the cannon, the more force that is applied to the shot. Don’t get the balloons trapped where you cannot reach them or cannot get them punctured by spikes. Carefully plan your moves ahead, and review the field before taking a shot.

Sometimes, when stuck (completely puzzled), it may be a good idea to fail the level just to find out what happens when you make certain moves, and then Restart the level (see the Restart link at the bottom of the game area.) “Reactor” balloons explode when they are shot, and they blow up nearby balloons too even if the balloons are positioned behind a wall. Knowing how to smartly use these “Reactor” balloons is essential to solving any level in the puzzle that contains them. Good luck!

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