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Strategy Air Battle War Game - Steambirds

Rating: 9/10 - 718 votes

Ready – Aim- Fire! Steambirds is a 1 player, turn-based strategy war game where the goal is to destroy enemy aircraft with your own plane before they shoot you down! A turn (move) consists of a planning phase and an attack phase, and you can strategically choose your actions as the game and battles unfold; You must plan your way through a series of air-battlefields, trying to outfox your opponents with each move.

There’s an interesting historical aspect to this game, as each level coincides with a real-life air battle – such as the Battle of Britain in World War 2. Dominate the skies and bring down enemy planes with awesome explosive power! Let’s see what military tactics you can employ in this game where one wrong move can mean destruction! You must think strategically and try to stay one step ahead of your opponents.

This isn’t your average flying game either, because each move has to be carefully planned and thought out before it is executed. There’s also an element of multi-tasking involved as you have to control more than one plane at the same time. Think you’ve got what it takes? Show us your flying skills then, Top Gun!

How to Play: At the start of each level, you are given a description of the battle you are about to be involved in. Each level coincides with a real-life air battle! Get ready to take down the German Luftwaffe in World War II and beyond! This is a cool strategy game – so you must plan out each move. You are looking down on the action almost like it is on a map – so you can see everything.

For planning your attack, the Control Path is the path on which your aircraft will fly. Using your computer mouse, click and drag to move this path around. When you click the arrow in the top right corner of the game screen, your ‘move / turn’ will begin. Your plane will move along the Control Path, and if it is near an enemy aircraft – it shoots automatically.

After each move, you go back to the planning phase where you can adjust your Control Path. Use special icons – click the Super Speed to increase the length of your Control Path. Use the shield to ensure you can’t take any damage during the move. Each level is complete when you have shot down every enemy plane.

Tip: Try to gauge which direction the enemy plane will fly to next. This gives you the chance to cut him off and unleash a barrage of bullets before he even realizes it!

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