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Mario Escape Game - Super Mario: Special Edition

Rating: 8.8/10 - 4742 votes

Classic escape-the-level adventure game featuring the undisputed king of platformers – Mario! Super Mario: Special Edition is a challenging, jumping skill-based Flash game where you must guide the legendary Italian plumber through 12 levels filled with familiar obstacles, hard-to-reach ledges, baddies, mushrooms, stars, and other iconic Mario features!

Skills required: In this retro-style, 2D arcade game, good hand-eye coordination, fast reactions, sharp reflexes, and nifty keyboard control skills are vitally important. As all Mario fans know, tactful movement and well-timed jumping skills are key to progressing through each obstacle and deterrent-filled level.

How to Play: A Flash-based, platform adventure game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 10 main levels, your task is to collect three Gold Stars, and then return through the Entry / Exit Door. When you complete the 10 main levels, you unlock the Bowser Boss level. There is also a Bonus Level that can be unlocked if you collect three Gold Keys in each of the main levels.

Control Mario's movement with the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, and press Spacebar to jump. You begin each level as ‘Normal Mario’. If you collect a mushroom, you evolve to ‘Big Mario’. If you collect a flower in ‘Big Mario’ state, you become ‘Super Mario’. Super Mario can run faster, jump higher, and progress through levels much easier. However, if you come into side-on contact with an enemy, you shrink in size. When normal Mario gets damaged, he shrinks to ‘Little Mario’. If Little Mario gets hit, you must re-play the level.

You begin each level at the Entry / Exit Door. You can only unlock this door by collecting the three Gold Stars located throughout the level. When you collect the Stars, return to the Entry / Exit door to complete the level. Collect additional coins and Gold Keys along the way to increase your score. Go Mario!

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