Cool truck games online free for kids (girls/ boys) to play now with no download: Delivery truck game, Truck Mania 2 is a fun freight truck game for PC, Mac, Ipad, tablets. Free driving simulation games, RPG games for children, cool new 3D flash games for the family, virtual worlds for teens on the web.
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Free Delivery Truck Driving Game - Truck Mania 2

Rating: 8.9/10 - 6121 votes

Freight truckers have to be among the most skilled and careful drivers on the roads. They may even sometimes have to transport heavy, unsecured goods across bumpy, hilly tracks. Truck Mania 2 is a challenging online truck driving game where you have to safely deliver various large freight items on the back of a powerful 'Big-Rig' truck. Cars, barrels, crates, and other cargo have to be carefully driven along roads that feature steep climbs, sudden drops, troublesome obstacles, and more. Do you think you can perform in such a high-pressure driving environment?

This tricky RPG driving activity requires a steady hand, a cool head, and savvy driving skills. Keeping your freight balanced on the treacherous terrain can prove extremely difficult, so make sure to drive with care. While you score more points for finishing each level quickly, you score no points if your freight falls off the truck. Ok Trucker, let's put this monster into gear! Safe delivery!

How to Play: There are 24 increasingly challenging truck driving levels. In each level, you have to successfully deliver your freight by reaching the Checkered Flag without allowing the load to fall off or damage your truck. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver your big rig truck. Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake; Left Arrow = Lean Back; Right Arrow = Lean Forward. There are 5 different trucks to choose from, but three of them have to be unlocked as you progress.

In each level, you have to deliver an item of freight that is located either on the back of the truck, or attached to the truck by a metal chain. For freight that is on the back of the truck (e.g. crates & barrels), you have to drive carefully and make sure it doesn’t fall off. If an item does, and hits the road - it’s game over, and you have to restart the level. For freight that is attached by chain (cars & digger vehicles), you have to ensure that it does not damage your truck by smashing into it. Keep an eye on your truck’s red Health Bar in the top left corner of the game screen. If the freight crashes into the back of your truck at speed, your Health Bar reduces. Once your Health Bar runs out, your truck breaks down, and you have to start over.

While there is no time limit, you earn bonus points by completing levels quickly. The Bonus Points Timer ticks down in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Finish the level as quickly as you can to earn the amount of Bonus Points remaining on the Timer once you reach the Checkered Flag.

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