Play tycoon games free/ build your own shopping mall game online, no download: Shop Empire 2 game, a top shopping street urban design game & commercial real estate game for young budding entrepreneurs to play, learn, practice on. Create a virtual shopping center to manage - for PC, Mac, Ipad.
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Shopping Mall Building & Management Game - Shop Empire 2

Rating: 9.2/10 - 11629 votes

Young Entrepreneurs! Test your business skills, travel the world building state-of-the-art shopping malls, and live the life of an international retail tycoon – well virtually, for now at least, all from the comfort of your own chair or sofa! Shop Empire 2 is an interesting and dynamic business and retail management simulation game for older kids and teens (girls & boys) where you must take over the construction, organization, and administration of busy shopping malls in 5 countries around the globe! You play the challenging role of ‘Urban Development Tycoon & Mall Manager’, and have to supervise the design and building of super stores from the ground up, hire various essential employees, oversee the shopping center’s finances, and ultimately (just as in real life) hit specific business targets in order to progress.

This fun, stimulating and highly-interactive tycoon flash game requires smart decision making, the multi-tasking and juggling skills of a very good project manager, street-wise money management, and the tenacity of a lion. There are literally umpteen important things involved in the running of a busy shopping mall – from making sure customers are happily spending, offering a good variety of attractive stores, hiring quality people to clean the center, keeping security alert to possible thefts, making sure there is ample parking space for cars – the list goes on and on! Some of these tasks might seem slightly significant in isolation, but in the big overall picture, correctly combining all of these single responsibilities can be the key to success and longevity in business! In Shop Empire 2, older players can enjoy the high-octane action of quick-fire decision making by management under pressure, while younger entrepreneurs of the future can learn valuable initial lessons about the creation and running of a business, and perhaps come to appreciate why Mums and Dads must work so hard in the everyday job-a-minute real world! Good luck with your new venture!

How to Play: (Note: This is a very large game which carries a lot of data. As the game is loading, it may ask your permission to use more memory from your computer. Review the setting and memory value, and click Allow or Close when ready to continue.)

There are 5 levels in total which involve you building and running a mall in 5 different countries – India, United Arab Emirates, Russia, France, and the UK. Beginning in India, you have to build and maintain a mall until it reaches 100% popularity in order to progress to the next level / country. In order to increase your mall’s popularity, you must complete a series of increasingly challenging tasks set out in a ‘Taskbar’ at the bottom of the game screen. At the start, these tasks are more straight-forward things such as ‘Build a Booth’, ‘Hire a Janitor’ etc, but they increase in difficulty as you progress. A helpful tutorial assistant pops on the game screen to give you tips each time a new aspect is introduced. Pay close attention to this advice as it provides a good idea of the controls and purpose of the game.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform the various actions. The dashboard on the left hand side of the game zone hosts the Action icons that you need to click on in order to build stores, hire staff, add facilities etc. For example, if you want to build a book store, click on the ‘Booths’ icon, click on the ‘Book Store’ option, then click on the area of the mall where you would like to position it (naturally, this must be on the ground floor at the beginning of the game). Also, keep an eagle eye on your virtual income levels in the bottom right corner of the play zone (You cannot purchase items that are above your current virtual cash levels).

As each ‘game day’ progresses, potential customers enter your mall and (hopefully) spend money in your stores. You can click on each individual to see what he/she likes / dislikes about your mall. For example, if you see a visitor with a sad face L above their head, click on him/her to find out why. That visitor might be looking for a coffee shop or something similar. This kind of investigative clicking provides good clues as to what to build next. Make sure to keep your staff levels high! If you do not have sufficient janitors, your mall becomes dirty and rapidly loses popularity. Likewise, if you do not have enough security, cheeky robbers prowl and steal from your stores at night.

If needed, you can speed up the game play by clicking on the yellow ‘x2’ and ‘x3’ buttons along the bottom of the screen. Enjoy this great management and entrepreneurship activity, and also play with friends and family! Good teamwork is the best way to meet tough challenges. Remember that top entrepreneurs create a solid team around them!

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