Free online tycoon management games, retail business simulation games for PC, Mac, Ipad, tablet to play now without downloading: Shopping Street is a fun, money management skills & urban design and development game for kids. Good tycoon flash games free online for girls/ boys, teens.
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Retail Business Management Game - Shopping Street

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Do you think you’ve got the entrepreneurial know-how to become a successful business magnate? If so, it’s time to flex your managerial muscles! Shopping Street is a challenging and interactive retail tycoon game for older kids / high school students where you have to create and manage a bustling city street full of shops, stores, boutiques, and more! Starting out with simply your big dreams and a real hunger for success, you must build your empire of attractive high-street outlets in order to hit a virtual cash target in each fast-paced sales level. Attract customers to your store with fancy advertising, cunningly-placed distractions, and the promise of a quality shopping experience.

This innovative urban design and development game and online money management activity proves a great business simulation exercise for any young want-to-be entrepreneurs out there. Solid decision-making and cunning business strategies are a "must" if you want your shopping streets to be a roaring hit with the public. Engage in some of the more professional aspects of business and advertising such as promotional campaigns to attract customers, and other calculated tricks of the trade. There’s always a gap in the market for a new retail tycoon, so it’s time to sharpen your competitive claws and get your brain focused on the forever evolving world of business management. Enjoy your work, and you'll go a long way!

How to Play: In each increasingly challenging level (there are 16 in total), you have to reach a target virtual cash goal within a set number of ‘Business Days’. Starting with an empty street, you have to build stores and other attractions in order to get customers to happily spend their money. You begin with a small amount of ‘seed money’ (enough to build your first store), and have to use any additional income carefully, during and after each business day. Click on any one of the available store icons at the bottom of the game screen, and then click on the area of your street you want to place your store. When you are ready to receive customers, click on the ‘Next Day’ button in the bottom right corner of the game zone.

Customers enter your shop, and spend their money, gradually filling your ‘Target Meter’ at the top of the playing area. You need this meter to reach 100% before the end of the last Business Day (indicated in the top right corner). If you reach 100% in time, you progress to the next level. If you do not reach your target, you have to replay the level. As the game progresses, you can use virtual income from your ‘Cash Flow’ (to the left of the Target Meter) in order to build additional stores, or to upgrade your existing stores. Once these options are within your budget, they become highlighted at the bottom of the game screen. The more stores on your street, the more income you generate toward your Target Meter.

In addition to your stores and boutiques, you can also build other attractions on your street such as benches, newsstands, music advertisements, and bus stops. Click on their icons in the bottom right corner, and then add them to your street in a strategic position. These new additions slow your potential customers down, giving them more opportunities time to look around and enter your stores, and increase your Target Meter! However, building these attractions costs hard-earned money of course, so be sure to spend wisely!

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