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Coffee Business Game for Kids - Coffee Shop

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Coffee Shop is a coffee-making business simulation game where you have to make as much virtual money as you can by serving up delicious coffee from your very own street cafe stand. This fun role-playing game helps you to grasp the essential skills of managing a business while also learning how to make the perfect cup of coffee. You have to buy ingredients, cook up a coffee recipe and decide how much to charge for your refreshing drink.

Keep customers happy by getting the right balance between quality and price. You can adjust how sweet or creamy your coffee is, and adjust the price accordingly. Increase your coffee shop’s reputation to gain more customers which earns you more virtual income. This money-management game is effective in aiding your ability to multi-task, as well as testing how well you work under pressure. Think you’ve got what it takes to make your street cafe the best in town? Ok then, show us what you’ve got Coffee Tycoon!

How to Play: You have 14 ‘days’ to earn as much virtual money as you can. Your coffee stand opens from 7am to 7pm and you have to sell as many cups of coffee as you can in that time (The ‘days’ last about 2 minutes, depending on how much coffee you sell.) Follow the on-screen tutorial to get to grips with the different aspects of the game. You start off with $30 virtual money. First you have to purchase your ingredients. There are 4 things you need to buy – cups, coffee beans, milk and sugar. Using your computer mouse, Left Click on how many Units you want to buy of each. Next, you have to make up a recipe for your coffee.

You can put as much of the ingredients as you like into each cup. Customers want creamy, sweet coffee – but putting lots of milk and sugar in your recipe will deplete your stock quickly, so try to get a good balance between them. Finally, you have to set a price that you are going to charge for each cup. Click and drag the price icon up and down to increase or decrease the price. When you think you are ready, click “Start the Day” in the bottom right hand corner of the game screen. When customers buy your coffee, you can see what they think of it by hovering your mouse over them. They might think it isn’t sweet or creamy enough. If they don’t like the coffee, your reputation goes down.

Your reputation bar is in the bottom left hand corner of the game area. It turns red if customers are unhappy, and green if they are happy. If customers walk past without buying, hover the mouse over them to see why – perhaps the coffee was too expensive. You can adjust your price during the ‘day’ by clicking on the price icon in the top left corner. At the end of each day, you can use the virtual money earned to replenish your stock of ingredients. You have 14 days to earn as much virtual cash as possible. At the end of the game, you are shown how much you earned overall. Let’s get selling!

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