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Free Tycoon / Retail Management Game - Shopping City

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Shopping City is a fun business simulation game for older kids / high school students where you have to develop your own resort island, and build and run your own set of stores, shops, boutiques, and more! This is a challenging game that combines urban design and development with tycoon-style retail business and money management skills! In each level, you have to hit a target amount of virtual income by strategically placing your various retail outlets and attracting customers. Use advertisements, upgrades, and incentives to get customers through the doors, and make sure they spend their hard-earned virtual money!

You’ll need to be business savvy to succeed in this educational money management and decision making activity for teens. Strategic planning is the key to hitting your targets – For example, are your stores in the best hot spots? Are the customers happy? How can your stores be improved? These are all questions you need to ask yourself if you’ve got your mind set on becoming a prosperous retail magnate! If you have the optimal variety of stores and the best facilities, your shopping area will become the talk of the town and state! Get ready for a multi-tasking, business managing extravaganza!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse or touchpad to play this point-and-click game. In each of the 10 levels, your goal is to reach 100% of your virtual income target. Do this by building stores and facilities along the street. At the start of the level, you already have some virtual money that can be used to build stores such as Boutiques, Pet Shops, Toy Stores, Restaurants, and more. You only have a certain number of shopping “Days” in which to reach your target (indicated in the top right corner of the game screen).

Click on the Build Icon (shaped like a house) in the bottom left corner to start building up your shopping area. The stores that are highlighted can be built immediately. You don’t yet have enough income to purchase the un-highlighted stores. Left Click on any one of the highlighted stores, then click on the area on the street you want it to be built. You can also add facilities such as Benches, Newstands, and Advertisements along the street by clicking on the Facilities Icon (shaped like a bench). When you are ready to receive your first day’s shoppers, click on the Hourglass Icon to start the “day”.

As shoppers spend their virtual money in your stores, your Target percentage increases. Once you reach 100% of your Target, you progress to the next level. If you don't reach the Target by the end of the last "day" of business, you have to start the level again. Once you earn enough virtual income, you can upgrade stores so that more customers fit into them. You can also sell stores for an extra cash flow boost. Your virtual money fund is indicated in the top left corner of the game screen.

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