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Hard Crossword Puzzles to Solve Online

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Have you got what it takes to become the Ultimate Crossword Master? Crossword is a very challenging word puzzle game for kids, teens & grownups where you have to fill in letters into uncompleted crossword puzzles. There are no cryptic clues or hints, you just have to use your vocabulary skills and word-power to figure out which letters go into the grid to form the correct solutions. Each increasingly difficult puzzle has fewer letters filled in for you, so it gets trickier and trickier as you progress.

This fiendishly difficult brain-teaser will really get you thinking. There are no short-cuts here! This is a fun educational activity that can be enjoyed in the classroom or at home. Be prepared to test your patience, as there is potentially a lot of trial and error required before you can figure out the solution. Ready Puzzle Buster? It’s time to crack that Crossword!

How to Play: There are five different levels of difficulty to overcome, Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. You start off on the Beginner puzzle. Here, you see a crossword grid with a good number of the letters already filled in. Along the right of the game screen, are the potential letters that can be entered. If you Left Click on any of the empty squares with your computer mouse, all of the squares that will be filled by that letter glow yellow.

For example, if you see a word like ST_RT – you know the missing letter is A. Left Click on the missing square, then click A from the selection of letters on the right. The letter A automatically enters into all the corresponding yellow squares. This means, as you enter more correct letters, the crossword fills up quickly, with words becoming clearer as you progress. Once you have completed the crossword, you move on to the next difficulty. (Not all of the letters on the right-side menu have to be filled in to complete the puzzle).

If you put in an incorrect letter, simply click on it, then click the button below the menu of letters on the right. This clears the selected letter from the entire grid. As you progress through each difficulty level, fewer letters are filled in for you at the start of the puzzle. If you are stuck, Left Click the ‘Give Up’ button underneath the grid to reset and generate a new puzzle.

Tip: When you click on an empty square, and reveal some empty yellow spaces, then the missing letter in all of them is most likely a common letter such as A, E, I, R, or S. If there are only a few spaces glowing yellow, it is most likely a rarer-used letter.

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