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English Word Power / Wordsmith Game Online - Wordtris

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Wonderful Wordsmiths Required! Test your vocabulary skills with this interactive and educational word creation game for older kids, teens and adults! Wordtris is a clever and challenging, word puzzle-based activity where you must create valid words from a list of randomly placed letter tiles. Kind of similar in concept to a classic block-stacking puzzle like Tetris, this language-based game requires you to complete your word-creation task before the stacks of letters reach the top of the play area. Each level features a new and challenging task to be completed against the clock!

Reasons to play this quirky, online word power game: This is an excellent brain teaser challenge for anyone who enjoys quick-fire word puzzles, or non-native English speaking players who like to exercise their English language skills. Stimulate your focus and concentration levels and quick thinking ability as you attempt to find words within the jumbled letters, and use your fast reactions to complete the tasks before the letters ascend all the way to the top of the screen.

Best strategy: Good knowledge of the English language and sharp spelling skills are required here. You must keep a cool head at all times under pressure. Carefully study the letters at your disposal, and wrack your brains to pick out a word from them. Play with a friend or family member for added fun and eyes!

How to Play: A Flash-based word game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). For first time players, we recommend that you follow the detailed ‘Tutorial’ option. In each of the 20 progressively-difficult levels, you must complete the specialized word-based task before the ascending letters reach the top of the game screen. For example: the task in Level 1 is to ‘Create 3 words’.

The letters are laid out in a horizontal row at the bottom of the game grid. Select letters using your computer mouse or by typing the letter with your keyboard. Your selected letters appear in your ‘Word Box’ at the top of the grid. When happy that your word is a valid one, press the Enter Key on your keyboard (alternatively, click on the ‘Submit’ icon in the bottom right corner of the play area).

If a letter has another above it, you cannot access it, and it remains a dim grey color. However, if you select / remove the letter above, the now un-dimmed letter comes into play. You then don't have to rely on just the letters in the top row – you can dig deeper to create words. Undo your previous selection by pressing the Backspace button on your keyboard or by clicking on the ‘Undo’ icon in the bottom right corner.

Once you complete the specific tasks laid out by the computer, you progress to the next level. However, if the stacking letters reach the top of the game screen, you fail the level.

Note: All levels are open and available from the beginning. However, we recommend that you play them in numerical order to get the full experience of the game. Good work Wordsmith!

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