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Intensive Russian Courses in Russia

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Liden & Denz, St. Petersburg:
Whatever your reasons for learning Russian today, you are in good company. Interest in the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy is no longer confined to the academic world. The Liden & Denz Language Centre in St. Petersburg offers Russian language courses for academic, leisure or business purposes. Our internationally accredited language school combines excellent teaching with modern facilities and a competent organisation. It is our aim to familiarise all our students with today’s Russia, in terms of language, culturally and emotionally.

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Photo of Intensive Russian Courses in RussiaGroup Courses
Our centres practice a tried and tested open group system with continuous enrolment and student intake every second week throughout the year (some restrictions for beginners apply). As our students arrive from all over the world, our groups tend to be very international . This is a perfect occasion to make new friends but it also requires that teaching will be in Russian only with no explanations given in English or any other language.

All our groups are formed according to a written and oral assessment test compulsory for every arriving student. The identical schedules for St. Petersburg and Moscow allow for a flexible combination of both cities under the condition that our intake dates are met.

Standard Group Course
Communicative teaching in small groups (maximum 10 students per group)Image of Intensive Russian Courses in Russia makes this course a pleasurable and productive experience. Our Standard Group Course gives participants the chance to learn communicative skills in "real life" situations. This course of 20 weekly lessons is offered year round and follows a modular pattern of two-week units .

For participants staying four weeks or longer, following modules build upon the grammar basics of the first module, treating the same topics from a different angle with more in-depth explanations, more complex vocabulary, different exercises and more dialogues.

Standard Group Courses are available for the first six levels year-round. Beginners may start on the dates indicated with a star (*) in our pricelist and are advised to be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet .

Each course starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday, with lessons taking place usually between 10:00 and 14:00. The minimum course length is two weeks. The maximum course length is open. Our rates are digressive - longePhotos of Liden & Denz, St. Petersburgr stays are lower priced.

Our intensive group course runs over twenty-five lessons per week in groups with a maximum of ten participants. You will have twenty morning lessons with students who have booked the standard group course. The remaining five lessons are taught on two afternoons, offered at a minimum of three different levels:
A1 – Beginner: survival Russian tutorials, outdoor classes (shopping, eating out, getting streetwise, ordering theatre and cinema tickets) and telephone training (booking a restaurant table, making flight enquiries, etc.).
A1+/A2 – Elementary: lectures on the Russian mentality and traditions. Other topics cover a wide range of general interest subjects ranging from Russian cuisine to history.
B1 – Intermediate, B2 – Upper Intermediate: the focus is on business and the economy. Other topics include politics, Russian mass media, cultural and historical subjects.

Academic Year
Academic Year CoursesPicture of Intensive Russian Courses in Russia are moderately priced long-term group courses, either with 25 or 20 lessons per week. The Academic Year Course with 25 lessons per week has the same structure as our Intensive Group Course with 20 standard lessons per week and a supplement of 5 weekly lessons designated for subjects of general interest. The Academic Year Course with 20 weekly lessons is identical in content with our Standard Group Course.

Please note that there are restricted course start dates and fixed course lengths of 24, 36 or 48 weeks. Beginners are advised to be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet.

One-to-One Courses
Individual classes at school. Liden & Denz has been teaching Russian to the corporate and diplomatic world since 1992 and has acquired a lot of experience across very different industries (see our corporate references). Individual classes prior to an assignment to Russia are a very effective way to prepare for an upcoming relocation. One-to-One classes are demaImages of Liden & Denz, St. Petersburgnding and require full concentration over a prolonged period of time.

Teacher and student jointly determine the exact content of any One-to-One course. The student is invited to specify his/her field of interests by completing the relevant parts of our online booking form, which allows us to pre-select material, establish a study-plan and prepare a specific vocabulary.

One-to-one courses are available in varying degrees of intensity: 15, 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week. For 30 lessons or more the student is taught by a team of two teachers.

Individual courses can be booked throughout the year. The minimum course length is one week with each course starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday. On agreement, lessons can also be held on weekends. Participants may also book additional 5-lesson-modules as a supplement to any One-to-One or Group Course.

Individual classes in the host-family (total immersion):
Total Immersion Courses are One-to-one Courses with 20 weekly lessons run outside the school. The lessons are given by one of our teachers who sees the student where he lives, typically at his host-family. The course is targeted at people who do not want to have any contact with other non-Russian speakers during their stay. Course rates and dates are identical to those of our One-to-one courses taken at the school.

TRKI Exam Preparation Course (TORFL):
Both our centres are accredited preparation and testing centres for the TRKI state exam (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language). The TRKI is recognized by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and can be taken individually in one of our schools. Each test consists of 5 components (written and oral).

Why prepare TRKI at Liden & Denz?
* Comparing with state educational institutions, our groups are small. In addition, we offer a preparational TRKI module, which leads the student gently to the level required for the exam.
* Liden & Denz students consistently show high pass rates.
* TRKI preparation courses are planned accordingly to the new official testing standards. Our teaching staff is certified by the Russian Ministry of Education for these exams.
* As we are running the TRKI exams in-house , students wishing to take the test enjoy high flexibility in planning for the exam.

How do we prepare the TRKI exam at Liden & Denz?
A TRKI Preparation Course is a combination of a Group Course (Standard or Intensive) or a One-to-one Course and a TRKI Preparation Module. The TRKI Preparation Module is a supplement taken just before the TRKI exam. Each module comprises 5 individual lessons. The number of modules required in order to pass a certain exam is jointly determined by the student and the teacher. We advice students, who wish to pass the exam to book one module in advance. If teacher and student decide that this is not enough, another module can be booked directly in our centres.

Work Experience Programmes
Young people are increasingly looking at work abroad options for a number of very practical reasons, which go beyond the obvious fact that working abroad looks good on any CV. Students choose Work Experience because they want to:
•do something meaningful in a gap year
•explore career options
•develop social competence skills
•acquire proficient language skills
•immerse themselves in a different culture.
Liden & Denz is one of the first organisations to offer meaningful study and work programmes in Russia. For legal reasons, all work experience assignments in Russia are unpaid. You also need to be aware that you are responsible for accommodation and insurance costs. We offer low-cost rooms on a flat-share basis (shared with other Liden & Denz students) but you don’t have to book your accommodation with us. You will need a sufficient level of Russian in order to qualify for one of the places on offer. Your entry level (language competence on arrival) should be at least A2. Additionally, we require a minimum of four weeks in a standard group course (or three weeks one-to-one) in one of our centres prior to the start of the work assignment. The general minimum age for our work experience programmes is eighteen. However, some host organisations require a higher age. Work experience programmes can last from two weeks to half a year, depending on the requirements of our host organisations. Liden & Denz offers two kinds of work experience programmes (as defined by the WYSE Work Abroad Association): An Internship is a temporary, supervised, practical experience programme in which a young person, usually a college or university student, carries out a training experience in a temporary position at a host company. Liden & Denz provides internships in the following areas:
•Mass Media (journalism)
•Public Relations
•Sales & Marketing
•Legal and consulting firms
•Chambers of Commerce
•Medical care.
A Volunteer programme is a temporary, supervised, practical training in which a person voluntarily carries out a task which has social, environmental or cultural relevance. Liden & Denz offers volunteer programmes with the following types of host organisations:
•Charity Programmes
•Children’s Hospitals.
A complete list of current positions and fact sheets about the individual host organisations are available on request. Placement for both internships and voluntary work is done pre-arrival, so that you know well in advance where you are going to work. In order to successfully match student and host organisation,
it is important that you not only send us the necessary booking forms, but also supply us with a current CV and recent photograph. On successful completion of your assignment you will receive two documents: our graded course certificate and confirmation from the host organisation.

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