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Summer Orchestral Course, Bristol - Language & Music for Life:
Language and Music For Life provides both a residential and non-residential summer orchestral music course in Tockington Manor boarding school in South Glocestershire, just 12 miles north of Bristol in the south-west of England. Designed for children ages 5-14 who have reached at least Grade 4 standard on any orchestral instrument, this 1-week summer course in 2016 accepts applications from students who currently play Strings, Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion instruments. Children ages 9-14 can attend as boarders. Optional English and French lessons are also available.

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About Language and Music for Life:

Photo of UK Summer Orchestral Music Course for ChildrenLanguage and Music for Life (LMFL) was born in 1997 and is committed to providing training in both music and foreign languages to students of all ages. The first LMFL summer course was held in 1997, and we have grown in size and quality ever since.

LMFL also provides unique 2-week summer music and language courses in south-west Wales, UK with a lower age limit of 10 years old and no upper age limit (adults included).

Why Choose a Summer Course with LMFL?

-  Professional Music Tutors
Our music tutors are all experienced teachers and internationally known performers. During the course they expect their students to work between each tutorial.

-  Promoting Individuality
Our music and language project functions in a context which is rich in individual ability, motivation, language, culture and generations.

-  International Student Atmosphere
Students are brought up in a very special type of ethos:  the importance of being internationally motivated. They all have in common very attentive and caring parents who want a very rounded education for their children.

Our Philosophy:

Image of UK Summer Orchestral Music Course for ChildrenNowhere is the organization of our emotional journey through life exemplified more clearly than in music.

Music transcends age, race and civilisation. Even the most superficial consideration of the question of the relationship between music and community brings the realization that music is seen to be a necessary part of community rituals, both sacred and secular.

Intensive Summer Orchestral and Choir Course:
- Duration: 1-week. For children ages 5 to 14

We accept applicants for the following instruments:
- Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp.
- Woodwind: Flute (preferably with Piccolo), Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon
- Brass: French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba
- Percussion (Orchestral)
- Piano

Additional Study Options:
- One to one voice coaching (5 hours per week)
- English as a Second Language (5 / 10 hours per week)
- French as a Foreign Language (5 / 10 hours per week)

Role of Parents & Accommodation:

Students aged between 5 and 9 should either live locally, or stay in local Bed & Breakfasts with parents who would transport them to the course each day. We provide lunch and tea at the school.

Students ages 9 to 14 can attend as boarders (50 beds only), or they can also be brought by parents every morning.

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Address: Tockington Manor School, Washingpool Hill Road, Tockington, Bristol, England BS32 4NY, UK & England
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Sidney / New York, USA;   India;   Ukraine;   Bogota Colombia, Colombia;   Hong Kong;   Lebanon;   Macedonia;   Nicosia, Cyprus;   Toronto, Canada;   Switzerland;   and more.