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Registered Nurse

Job in Atlanta - Fulton County - GA Georgia - USA , 30301
Company: CHRIS 180
Contract position
Listed on 2021-01-08
Job specializations:
  • Healthcare
  • Social Work
Job Description & How to Apply Below
Position Description

This service requires face-to-face contact with the consumer, family or caregiver to monitor, evaluate, assess, and/or carry out a physicians orders regarding the psychological and/or physical problems and general wellness of the consumer. The

following duties are as follows but not limited to:

* Provide positive role-modeling to consumers;
* Promote self-esteem
* Promote healthy boundaries
* Promote good hygiene and appropriate personal appearance among youth and young adults
* Reinforce socially acceptable behaviors (ex: manners, eating habits, safety)
* Teach and reinforce thoughtful decision making skills
* Nurturing and non-judgmental attitude
* Support in making positive change through motivational interviewing
* Support the change process through a comprehensive understanding of the Seven Challenges program

* Assessing consumers history of trauma, acuity, strengths and needs;
* Screen, evaluate and triage potential consumers to determine what services/evidence based interventions should be offered
* Provide initial clinical impressions
* Provide nursing assessments and interventions to observe, monitor and care for the physical, nutritional, behavioral health and related psychosocial issues, problems or crises manifested in the course of the consumers treatment
* Assess co-occurring disorders and make referrals to relevant services based on consumer's ASAM level
* Assess and monitor the consumers response to medication(s) to determine the need to continue medication and/or to determine the need to refer the consumer to a physician for a medication review;
* Assess and monitor a consumers medical and other health issues that are either directly related to the mental health or substance related disorder, or to the treatment of the disorder (e.g. diabetes, cardiac and/or blood pressure issues, substance withdrawal symptoms, weight gain and fluid retention, seizures, etc);
* Assess those consumers with possible medication side effects or reactions, as needed
* Assess vital signs, weights accu-checks, injections, or drug tests as needed
* Evaluate and document consumers level of functioning and progress toward attainment of goals
* Provide after hours crisis support via telephone (On-Call)

* Coordinating Services and Collaboration;
* Collaborate and communicate with other programs in the CHRIS 180 continuum in the provision of services to consumers
* Collaborate and consult with other providers and entities in the provision of best care services to consumers
* Advocate on behalf of consumers with other agencies to include coordinating services
* Monitor the provision of services provided
* Consult with the consumers family/caregiver about medical, nutritional and other health issues related to the individuals mental health or substance related issues
* Consult with consumer and family/caregiver(s) about the various aspects of informed consent (when prescribing occurs/APRN)
* Make recommendations to the consulting psychiatrist and CCC staff related to any significant medical/clinical concerns
* Assist in calibrating and maintaining medical equipment and reviews equipment needs
* Secondary contact for contract lab(s), direct consumer to nearest lab, follows up on lab results and relates that information to appropriate physician

* Specific services to consumers;
* Demonstrate exceptional engagement skills and clinical expertise in providing trauma-focused mental health treatment to target consumer population
* Educate the consumer and family/responsible caregiver(s) on medications and potential medication side effects (especially those which may adversely affect health such as weight gain or loss, blood pressure changes, cardiac abnormalities, development of diabetes or seizures, etc);
* Assist in coordinating process by which each caregiver signs CHRIS 180 Instruction form / Informed Consent form (describing actions and any side effects) for each medication prescribed
* Provide medication information sheets specific to the medication ordered for consumer
* Provide training for self administration of medications for outpatients as needed
* Provide assessment, testing, and/or referral for infectious diseases
* Coach caregivers in supporting consumer through understanding the stages of change

* Documentation Requirements;
* Timely documentation of all case activities in accordance with CHRIS 180 policy
* Maintain detailed files and other documentation in 100% compliance with standards
* Complete all billing expectations within designated timeframes
* Assist in the oversight of the administration and tracking of all drug screens (urine and saliva) performed, and records results
* Assist in maintaining medication information data base and updating as new medications are initiated

* Practice Requirements;
* Primary instructor for BCLS for all staff
* Adhere to the organization policies and procedures
* Attend Fellowship meetings
* Participate in clinical consultation as needed
* Review case studies as needed
* Provide feedback for hard to manage cases

* Performance and Conduct;
* Maintain confidentiality of consumer information
* Maintain appropriate professional boundaries (written, verbal, physical)
* Follow CHRIS 180 dress code
* Follow the CHRIS 180 Code of Ethics and the specific licensing board
* Follow mandated reporting requirements of GA Code
* Support and maintain an environment of emotional and physical safety for consumers, staff and other stakeholders at all times

* Demonstrate customer service;
* Promote positive image of CHRIS 180 programs at all times
* Work as a contributing and collaborative team member
* Respond to consumer, referral and peer needs in a timely fashion
* Answer telephone calls and emails accordingly
* Respond to requests for information from stakeholders in a timely fashion

* Maintain Personal Information and Training;
* Attend and participate in staff meetings as scheduled
* Attend and participate in required trainings as scheduled
* Maintain required certifications
* Review, understand and responsible to program policies
* Provide documents in a timely fashion to Human Resources
* Report changes in status to HR as required by policy


* Nursing Degree and Active/Maintain Georgia licensure,
* Knowledge of Mental Health, Addictive Disease Co-occurring Disorders,
* Knowledge of health, nutrition and wellness,
* Psychotropic medications actions, side effects, etc.
* Referral resources (physicians, clinics, etc.),
* Effective written and oral communication skills with a variety of audiences,
* Ability to develop and participate in collaborative processes,
* Ethical behavior and practice,
* Ability to effectively relate to consumers, parents/custodians of all social, economic, ethnic and educational backgrounds, with firmness, fairness and concern,
* Solid decision-making ability as related to the safety and well-being of consumers, families, community and staff,
* Be guided by precedent and established policy and procedure in decision-making. This person will be required to analyze and react to difficult situations, often while under considerable stress and pressure,
* Dependability, emotional stability and physically capable. This position requires some physical functions that are essential to satisfactory performance of the outlined job responsibilities, i.e. sitting, standing, walking, driving, speaking, hearing and the ability to physically restrain (when necessary),
* Ability to recognize when assistance and consultation is needed,
* Excellent organization skills,
* Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS),
* A valid drivers license in the State of Georgia


This position requires travel between sites located in North and Central Fulton County.

Reports to: Clinical Director / Chief Operations Officer
Position Requirements
Less than 1 Year work experience
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