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Test Administrator

Job in Clovis - NM New Mexico - USA
Full Time, Contract position
Listed on 2020-12-03
Job specializations:
  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Education
    Education Consultant, Academic, General Education, Education Administration
Job Description & How to Apply Below
Place of Performance: Cannon AFB, New Mexico

General Description:
Base Training and Education Services (BTES) Test Administrator shall support U.S. Air Force comprehensive testing program to include but not limited to non-voluntary off-duty education, the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), Career Development Courses (CDC) Test, Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS) and Air Force Professional Military Education (PME) testing programs.

Specific Tasks:
• Responsible for administering the following categories of tests to eligible military and civilian personnel and their dependents as authorized by DANTES, AF, Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and local regulations (NOTE: additional tests may be added as needed).
• All DANTES-approved examinations (to include but not be limited to): college entrance exams; tests for college credit; professional certification exams; interest batteries and career assessment inventories.
a. All AF Institute of Advanced Distributed Learning (AFIADL) tests including but not necessarily limited to those for CDC, Noncommissioned Officers Academy (NCOA), Senior Noncommissioned Officers Academy (SNCOA), Air War College (AWC), Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) and Squadron Officers School (SOS).
b. Any tests specifically required to be performed by the education office.
c. Tests requested to be administered by eligible personnel, such as qualification/certification exams.
d. Any test required by the Air Force that is not normally administered through the local military test control officer.
e. Other tests used in local advisement or guidance programs, to include career assessment and interest inventories, as requested by the SEO.
f. Provide CDC (AFSC and unit) statistical data report to HQ by the fifth calendar day of the month following the report period.
g. Tests will be administered in accordance with instructions provided in testing handbooks, test examiner guides, and TCO/ATCO instructions to ensure no possibility of test compromise.
• Require all examinees to present official picture identification before allowing them to test, check test materials for marks/missing pages before issuing them to students. Maintain official DANTES log for all tests, showing the individual’s name, the test title and the start and stop times for all test intervals. Ensure each student signs this Log upon receiving test and that all entries are complete and legible.
• Instruct all examinees at the beginning of each session as follows:
a. To read carefully and follow instructions exactly as they are printed in the test booklet.
b. To adhere to any prescribed time limits. The contractor will ensure that all timing limits are adhered to and the examinee is aware of the time requirements for each test.
c. That all test materials, such as test booklets, answer sheets, scratch paper, must be given to the examiner before examinee leaves the room.
d. That slide rules, calculators, reference tables, may be used only when the test booklet instructions state that the use of these materials are allowed. (When scheduling exam, examiner will inform examinees that calculators, etc., may be used on specific exams).
e. Review each answer sheet as it is submitted by the examinee to ensure proper completion.
• Check each reusable answer booklet as it is returned for marks and erase them completely. Check all booklets for missing pages and enter the time they are returned in the test log.
• Complete safe and test office security forms at close of each test session. Ensure no money, supplies, forms, envelopes, inventories, brochures or booklets are stored in the safe. Lock the safes and testing office doors and windows before leaving the testing office.
• Prepare completed answer sheets, tests, checks/money orders, and any unused tests that may need to be returned, for mailing to the various testing agencies, according to the instructions for each type of test. All documents required for mailing will be fully completed by the contractor, except for the Test Control Officer/Alternate Test Control Officer (TCO/ATCO) signature, prior to final check and sealing by the TCO/ATCO.
• Inform TCO/ATCO immediately of any irregularities, which may represent the potential for a test compromise or complaint from a testing candidate.
• Check DANTES exams upon receipt and enter test, serial and part numbers on the DANTES Automated Test Inventory Program (DATIP), ensuring that entries are made no later than the first duty day after tests are received. Update DANTES inventory sheets monthly via computer or by typing a new one.
• Inventory contents of the safes (accountable DANTES and Extension Course Institute (ECI) materials) each time they are opened. Assist TCO/ATCO with weekly, monthly and quarterly inventories and with quarterly reports.
• Identify all newly arrived ECI tests on the envelope, showing the name of the student, test identification number, date received, and expiration date. Enter all in stock ECI tests into the data file in the established format. Contact the squadron training NCO using the form provided to schedule testing within 1 business day.
• The contractor shall prepare DANTES order forms for TCO/ATCO signature and advise TCO/ATCO of under or over-stocking of any test related item. Ensure adequate numbers of tests and answer sheets are maintained at all times based on prior usage patterns, student inputs and TCO recommendations.
• Notify students when tests have arrived, first by mail and later by phone if needed. File score reports in student records and enter score manually on front of student’s form.
• Discard obsolete materials within 7 days of receipt of new publications and ensure dated exams are returned by expiration deadlines.
• The contractor shall regularly review and update the DANTES Examination Program Handbook (DEPH), ensuring currency of all test instructions and policies.
• The contractor shall maintain a file of specially ordered tests and handle all follow up associated with these tests.
• The contractor shall track statistical data related to test administration as required by ESO and assist the TCO/ATCO with reports and PowerPoint slides as statistical data requested. Statistical data will include (but not be limited to) monthly statistics on types of tests administered and to whom (by rank and service) and any additional test related data required for semi-annual and annual reports.
• The contractor shall maintain all documents and correspondence files in a neat and orderly manner. Separate files by calendar year. Contractor will be responsible for making file labels and setting up the file for each new calendar year.
• The contractor shall refer all questions on schedule changes or testing policy to the TCO/ATCO and all questions on interpretation or application of test results to the counselors.
• The contractor shall prepare applicable advertising for special testing such as Graduate Record Exam (GTE) and etc. for ESOs or ATCOs review and signature at least 3 weeks before the test order deadline.
• Shall maintain the most current DANTES Examination Program Handbook, the Voluntary Education Program Instruction and the testing section of the Guide for Official AFIADL Test Offices.
• Report suspected or actual improper tester conduct to the TCO or ATCO as soon as possible after observation/occurrence and maintain data relating to tests administered in accordance with DANTES and Air Force requirements.
• Follow guidance in the testing continuity book and reporting upgrade needs to the TCO or ATCO.
Position Requirements
Bachelor,   1 to 2 Years work experience
• Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited American college or university.
• Experience in administering Air Force testing and standardized educational testing.
• Excellent customer service skills and verbal communication skills are preferred.
Required Language Skills:
  • English - Very good
Contact Information
Contact Name: Entourage Consulting LLC
Contact Phone: 210880-4802
Preferred method of contact: Email with CV via Application Box below.
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Groundwork Denver Home Energy Specialist - About Groundwork Denver: - Groundwork Denver is a 501(c)3 non - profit organization whose...
Skills Needed: Groundwork Denver Home Energy Specialist

About Groundwork Denver:  
Groundwork Denver is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the physical environment and promote health and well-being through community-based partnerships and action. Please  to learn more:

Position Summary:
Groundwork Denver is seeking a part-time staff person to assist in energy audits, energy efficiency improvements and air sealing.  The Energy Specialist will go on in-home visits with the Energy Audit Team to investigate needs in insulation, air sealing, appliance upgrades, heating system upgrades, and other energy features of the home. Combustion Safety test will be conducted by Energy Specialist.  The Energy Specialist will install energy improvement measures like compact fluorescent/LED light bulbs, shower heads, pipe insulation, thermostats, CO and smoke detectors, caulk, weather stripping, duct sealing or other similar upgrades. The job requires working in attics and crawlspaces. The Energy Specialist will collect information on forms and provide specifications for major upgrades needed.    

Qualifications, education and experience:
High School diploma or GED required.  
Training and/or experience in energy auditing.  BPI certification a plus.
Training and/or experience in air sealing and duct sealing, or weatherization activities.
Training and/or experience in residential construction or repairs.  
Experience repairing or installing water heaters and furnaces a plus.

To be successful in this position, the Specialist must be:
Skilled at using basic tools (ladders, drills, screw drivers, thermometers) and ability to enter a home and understand how the building construction affects energy efficiency and safety.
Strong understanding of residential construction methods required and basic knowledge of building codes a plus.
Ability to climb a ladder, carry about 50 pounds of equipment, and crawl in tight spaces.
Proficiency in English with fluency/proficiency in Spanish preferred.
Willingness to learn how to install shower heads, pipe insulation, thermostats, caulk and weather-stripping neatly and to our standards.
Willingness and ability to become BPI certified if not already certified.
Excellent communication skills – comfortable educating residents about energy efficiency improvements and behavior changes that reduce energy bills.  
Organized and detail-oriented with the ability to collect accurate data and specifications.  
Ability to work independently on job sites and also as a member of an audit team.  
Ability to work respectfully and effectively with people of varying incomes and ethnicities.
Willingness to share in all duties of the non-profit office as needed.  
Flexibility in scheduling Monday through Thursday is necessary.

Other Requirements:  
This position requires a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. Some Saturdays or evening work may be required to meet the needs of clients.  

Pay, Benefits and Schedule:
Hourly pay from $15-$20 per hour, depending on experience, with paid prorated vacation and sick time.  Work days are typically Monday-Thursday and hours vary depending on audits scheduled and average 20-30 hours per week.  2 audits per day = 2-4 hours; some days as many as 4 audits may be scheduled.

Please email a resume and cover letter to Kelly Shinn ((Please contact us using the "Apply for this Job Posting" box below)). Preference given to applications received by July 13, 2020.

Groundwork Denver provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status or civil union status, past or present military service, or any other protected classification. This policy applies to all employment decisions, including recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, compensation and training.
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Groundwork Denver Especialista en Energía Del Hogar

Acerca de Groundwork Denver:
Groundwork Denver es una organización sin fines de lucro 501 (c) 3 nuestra misión es mejorar el entorno físico y promover la salud y el bienestar a través de asociaciones y acciones comunitarias. Por favor, visite nuestro sitio web para obtener más información:

Resumen de posición:
Groundwork Denver está buscando una persona a medio tiempo para aprender auditorías energéticas, mejoras de eficiencia energética y sellado contra el aire. El aprendiz de energía irá a visitas en el hogar con el equipo de auditoría de energía para investigar las necesidades de aislamiento, sellado de aire, actualizaciones de electrodomésticos, actualizaciones del sistema de calefacción y otras características de energía del hogar. El aprendiz de energia instalará medidas para mejorar energética como focos de fluorescentes compactas / LED, regaderas de bano, aislamiento de tuberías, termostatos, detectores de humo y monóxido de carbono, burletes, sellado de conductos u otras mejoras similares. El trabajo requiere trabajar en áticos y espacios debajo del piso. El aprendiz de energía coleccionara información en los formularios y describir especificaciones para las actualizaciones necesarias.

Cualificaciones, educación y experiencia:
Diploma de escuela secundaria o GED necesario
Interés por la auditoría energética. Certificación BPI es mejor.
Interés en el sellado de aire y sellado de ductos o actividades de climatización.
Interés, capacitación y/o experiencia en la construcción o reparación de viviendas.
Experiencia en reparación o instalación de calentadores de agua y aire preferido.

Para tener éxito en esta posición, el Especialista en Energía Del Hogar debe ser capaz de:
Práctico en el uso de herramientas básicas (escaleras, taladros, destornilladores, termómetros) y la capacidad de entrar a una casa y comprender cómo la construcción del edificio afecta la eficiencia energética y la seguridad.
Fuerte comprensión de los métodos de construcción residencial requeridos y conocimiento básico de los códigos de construcción preferido.
Capacidad para subir una escalera, transportar alrededor de 50 libras de equipo y gatear en espacios apretados.
Competencia del inglés con fluidez/competencia del español preferido.
Disposición para aprender cómo instalar regaderas del bano, aislamiento de tuberías, termostatos, y sellado de burletes y contra el aire de forma ordenada y de acuerdo con nuestros estándares.
Voluntad y capacidad para obtener la certificación BPI si aún no está certificado
Excelente habilidades de comunicación: comodo educando los residentes sobre mejoras en la eficiencia energética y cambios de comportamiento que reducen las facturas de energía.
Organizado y orientado a los detalles con la capacidad de recopilar datos y especificaciones precisas.
Capacidad para trabajar de forma independiente en los sitios de trabajo y también como miembro de un equipo de auditoría.
Capacidad para trabajar de manera respetuosa y efectiva con personas de diferentes ingresos y etnias.
Disposición para compartir todos los deberes de la oficina sin fines de lucro según sea necesario.

Otros Requerimientos:
Este puesto requiere una licencia de conducir válida y un historia de manejo limpio. Tal vez sera necesario trabajar algunos sábados o en la tarde para satisfacer las necesidades de los clientes.

Pago, Beneficios y Horario:
Pago por hora de $15-$20 por hora, dependiendo de la experiencia. El trabajo se programará para 1 día por semana entre lunes y jueves, con un promedio de 4-8 horas por día. 2 auditorías por día = 2-4 horas; algunos días se pueden programar hasta 4 auditorías.

Envíe su currículum y una su carta de presentación por correo electrónico a Kelly Shinn (). Se da preferencia a las solicitudes recibidas antes del 13 de julio de 2020.

Groundwork Denver ofrece igualdad de oportunidades de empleo (EEO) a todos los empleados y solicitantes de empleo sin distinción de raza, color, etnia, religión, género, identidad de género, expresión de género, orientación sexual, origen nacional, edad, discapacidad, estado civil o unión civil estado, servicio militar pasado o presente, o cualquier otra clasificación protegida. Esta política se aplica a todas las decisiones de empleo, incluyendo reclutamiento, contratación, colocación, promoción, despido, despido, compensación y capacitación.

Home Energy Specialist Job

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