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Company / Business Name: HBGQ
The medical center is a one stop-shop that offers a wide range of specialties and works as a team of doctors and their clinics on each patient. We currently have 8 clinics and are looking to expand further. The medical center is rapidly growing, originally being one clinic and developing into a complete medical center offering a wide range of services.
Employment Areas: Accounting; Administrative; Beauty/Cosmetics; Dental; Design/Multimedia; Doctor/Physician; Finance; HR/Recruitment; Healthcare; Hospitality; IT/Tech; Laboratory/Lab Tech; Language/Multilingual; Management; Marketing/PR; Nursing; Pharmaceutical; Restaurant/Food Service; Sales; Secretary; Sports/Fitness; Translation
Office Address: Bin Omran
City: Doha
Country: Qatar
Phone: See the relevant job posting below for the correct number (if available).

Job Listings for this Employer:

over 3 months ago 1. Store Promoter Job in

Doha - Qatar

Pharmaceutical, Marketing/PR
Position: In Store Promoter - 1.Provides customers with information about Front Store Products and communicates promotions and special...
Skills Needed: 1)     Strong communication and interpersonal skills

2)     Highly disciplined

3)     Strong work ethic

4)     Planning and Organizational Skills

5)     Computer knowledge/MS Office

6)     Responsible

7)     Good Personality

8)     Aggressive in promoting product

9)     Highly Committed

10)   Enthusiastic
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Store Promoter Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 2. Cardiologist Job in

Doha - Qatar

Doctor/Physician, Healthcare
A cardiologist is someone in the medical field who provides health care to patients with heart disorders. They will diagnose and treat...
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Cardiologist Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 3. Cardiology Technician Job in

Doha - Qatar

Healthcare, Doctor/Physician
Cardiology Technician Job Responsibilities: - Aids physicians in diagnosis and treatment of heart, lung, and blood vessel disorders by...
Skills Needed: Procedural Skills, OR Logistics, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Medical Teamwork, Attention to Detail, Emotional Control, Professionalism, Verbal Communication, Performing Diagnostic Procedures, Use of Medical Technologies, Analyzing Informatio
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Cardiology Technician Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 4. Dentist Job in

Doha - Qatar

Dental, Healthcare
As a dentist, you will typically be examining the dental and oral hygiene of patients, and either offering the appropriate advice, or...
Skills Needed: -communication
-a thorough and methodical approach
-ability to work long hours, often under pressure
-good ethical grounding
-team-working skills
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Dentist Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 5. Gynecologist Job in

Doha - Qatar

Healthcare, Doctor/Physician
- Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical histories, reports, and examination results. - Treat diseases of...
Skills Needed: -Preferably Licensed in Qatar with the Supreme Health Council
-Customer Service and Patient Hospitality
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Gynecologist Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 6. Ear, Nose & Throat/ENT Job in

Doha - Qatar

Healthcare, Doctor/Physician
- arranging support from other health professionals, such as physiotherapists and nurses - administration, like writing letters and...
Skills Needed: -Ability to listen to patients' problems - especially those with communication difficulties
-To make sound clinical judgements and decisions as to different treatments quickly and accurately
-The ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team
-Competent information technology
-Good management skills
-a commitment to caring for others
-the ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions
-practical skills for examining patients and performing clinical procedures
-an interest and ability in science, medicine, anatomy and physiology
-good communication skills and the ability to explain choices to patients
-the ability to put people at their ease and inspire trust and confidence
-leadership and management skills
-the ability to always work to high professional standards
-a keen interest in your specialist field and a willingness to keep your skills up to date.
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Ear, Nose & Throat/ENT Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 7. Kitchen Manager Job in

Doha - Qatar

Restaurant/Food Service, Hospitality
This is a leadership position responsible for the development and operation of their team to support one - of the most critical factors in...
Skills Needed: • Organizational skills to prioritize daily tasks.
• Positive attitude
• Understanding all key business standards related to food, service and cleanliness
• Communicating with the Operations Manager of basic repairs and upkeep to the facility, including the
equipment (necessary in order to minimize expenses and maximize productivity with as little downtime
as possible)
• Effectively lead the development of others, including work relationships, with emphasis on an
exceptional work environment for all employees
• Delegate daily tasks and hold the team accountable for those tasks
• A thorough knowledge of our recipes and food preparation procedures in order to effectively manage
the standards with kitchen team members
• Develop a mutual respect among team members to insure success and excellence
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Kitchen Manager Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 8. General Practitioner Job in

Doha - Qatar

Doctor/Physician, Healthcare
- responding to medical/health problems presented by patients including history taking, diagnosis, investigation, treatment and referral...
Skills Needed: -good practical skills
-ability to solve problems
-effective decision-making skills
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General Practitioner Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 9. Hospital Manager Job in

Doha - Qatar

Management, Healthcare
>managing clinical, professional, clerical and administrative staff; - >managing the recruitment, selection, appraisal and...
Skills Needed: communication skills, both oral and written, as you will need to communicate effectively with a wide variety of individuals and professional groups;
>listening skills and the ability to negotiate with and persuade others;
>motivation, interest in the sector and identification with the common values and aims of the SCH
patient/customer focus;
>an emphasis on achievement of results and both energy and enthusiasm to ensure that objectives are met;
>initiative and leadership skills, and the ability to gain the trust, commitment and cooperation of others;
>teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with others;
>the ability to grasp clinical issues, including the understanding of treatments and evolving medical technologies;
>organisational skills to deal with a diverse range of challenges;
>flexible and creative problem-solving ability;
>decision-making ability, particularly in sensitive areas such as the allocation of funds or organising staff levels for a unit;
>numeracy and the ability to analyse complex issues, absorb information, understand data and identify underlying trends;
>adaptability and readiness to challenge existing practices and find alternatives;
>the ability to cope with pressure, stress and ongoing change in the form of new medical technology and treatments, policies, practices and reorganization.
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Hospital Manager Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 10. Medical Esthetician Job in

Doha - Qatar

Nursing, Beauty/Cosmetics
- Consultation and skin analysis - Estheticians are responsible for carrying out a full consultation pre and post treatment, discussing...
Skills Needed: -Have excellent communication skills - A good Medical Esthetician is helpful, supportive and informative when dealing with patients

-High level of professionalism - Maintain a high standard of professionalism. Adhere to a code of practice and ethics. Medical Estheticians also must be able to deliver the highest standards of care and achieve the best results.

-Maintain confidentiality - Medical Estheticians must be able to maintain all patient personal data and information private.

-Be able to empathise - They should be able to make the patient/client/customer feel relaxed and be able to understand the patients needs and requirements.

-Be knowledgeable and informative - Medical Estheticians need to be well educated about skin care, which treatment procedures are best suited, as well as the products used for various skin types.
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Medical Esthetician Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 11. Chef Job in

Doha - Qatar

Restaurant/Food Service, Hospitality
1) Inspect food preparation and serving areas to ensure observance of safe, sanitary food - handling practices. - 2) Turn or stir foods to...
Skills Needed: 1. Ability to Handle Criticism

One of the most important capabilities that need to be mastered by top chefs is the ability to effectively handle criticism. No matter how well the dishes are that a chef produces, at one time or another, at least one customer will complain. A good chef will understand the fact that complaints are not to be taken personally.

2. Passion for the Culinary Arts

Without a passion for the culinary arts, a person is likely not be very successful as a top chef. From selecting food ingredients to creating menu items, a top quality chef needs to love every aspect of his or her job.

3. Attentiveness to Detail

A high-end chef that beats the competition will be one that is strongly attentive to details. With cooking being a science, it is imperative that chefs be continually aware of the ins-and-outs of the processes involved in cooking.

4. Creativity

A great chef will be one who is very creative. From new food items to the tweaking of well-known items, the chef will be able to improve the dining experience of guests on a consistent basis.

5. Willingness to Practice

To be a good chef, a person must be willing to practice his or her cooking techniques on a continual basis. In fact, the best of chefs know that great cooking comes with many years of practice.

6. Being a Team Player

The chef in a kitchen is not the only person who prepares and cooks food items. The chef must be willing to work alongside others, ensuring that each food item prepared will satisfy the customer who ordered it.

7. Having a Good Business Sense

One of the most important characteristics a good chef will have is a good sense of business. He or she should know how to effectively prepare food and beverage items in a way that will maintain the efficiency of a kitchen, helping to boost profit levels of a restaurant establishment to the furthest level possible.
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Chef Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 12. Medical Representative Job in

Doha - Qatar

Sales, Healthcare
- arranging appointments with doctors, pharmacists and hospital medical teams, which may include pre - arranged appointments or regular...
Skills Needed: -excellent communication skills;
-an outgoing and persuasive manner and ability to deal with people who hold differing beliefs or values;
-confidence and persistence;
-patience and self-motivation;
-a flexible approach in order to adapt to constant changes, for example in the healthcare system or product and drug formularies;
-strong teamwork and networking skills;
-commercial and business awareness.
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Medical Representative Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 13. Internist/Physician Job in

Doha - Qatar

Healthcare, Doctor/Physician
- Treat internal disorders, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and problems of the lung, brain, kidney, and gastrointestinal...
Skills Needed: -communication
-a thorough and methodical approach
-ability to work long hours, often under pressure
-good ethical grounding
-team-working skills
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Internist/Physician Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 14. Pharmacist Job in

Doha - Qatar

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare
•dispensing prescription medicines to the public; - •ensuring that different treatments are compatible; - •checking dosage and ensuring...
Skills Needed: •good communication skills - you must be able to listen carefully to what patients say, as well as be able to explain complex and sometimes sensitive information to the general public and other healthcare professionals;
•the ability to work with others in a multidisciplinary team as well as lead others in a team;
•concern for the welfare of the general public;
•accuracy and meticulous attention to detail;
•a methodical approach to work;
•an understanding of business principles;
•a professional and confident manner;
•the ability to inspire the trust of others;
•a willingness to take on a high level of responsibility.
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Pharmacist Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 15. Public Relations Officer Job in

Doha - Qatar

Administrative, Marketing/PR
- Compose correspondence/reports for own or manager’s signature - Arrange essential mail in priority action order for boss - Check...
Skills Needed: -Qatari Driving License
-Update and chase delegated tasks to ensure progress to deadlines
-Take initiative in manager’s absence
-Keep projects on schedule
-Maintain procedures manual to ensure consistent performance of routines
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Public Relations Officer Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 16. Occupational Therapist Job in

Doha - Qatar

Healthcare, Doctor/Physician
Occupational Therapist Job Responsibilities: - Facilitates development and rehabilitation of patients with mental, emotional, and physical...
Skills Needed: Health Promotion and Maintenance, Creating a Safe, Effective Environment, Motivating Others, Legal Compliance, Bedside Manner, Medical Teamwork, Mental Health, Pain Management, Listening, Analyzing Information , Quality Focus
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Occupational Therapist Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 17. Microbiologist Job in

Doha - Qatar

Healthcare, Laboratory/Lab Tech
• monitoring and identifying microorganisms; - • tracking of microorganisms in a range of environments; - • monitoring and assessing...
Skills Needed: • employ a range of investigative, recording and analysis techniques;
• prepare, interpret and present data, using statistical programmes, qualitative and quantitative techniques and spreadsheets;
• conduct literature searches and critically evaluate information;
• undertake practical laboratory investigations in a safe, responsible and ethical manner;
• apply scientific thought, rationales and approaches;
• planning and organizing resources and activities;
• maintaining accurate and up-to-date records;
• writing up research findings and producing reports;
• liaising with colleagues from non-scientific departments;
• providing information and advice to colleagues and external bodies.
• teamwork skills and the ability to work on your own initiative;
• a flexible approach to work;
• analytical and problem-solving skills;
• communication, time management and organizational skills;
• the ability to evaluate your own performance and that of others.
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Microbiologist Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 18. Financial Cost Controller Job in

Doha - Qatar

Finance, Accounting
JOB DESCRIPTION - As a Cost Controller you are responsible to liaise closely with the Ideal Diet, Health & Beauty Pharmacy and Tadawi...
Skills Needed: SKILLS

Education, Qualifications & Experiences

You should have a degree in hotel/hospital management or accounting and at least two years previous experiences within a hotel/medical field.
Excellent verbal and written English communication skills, a sound knowledge of F&B cost controlling
Computer literacy is a must, while knowledge of Pioneer System is an advantage.

Knowledge & Competencies

The ideal candidate will be results oriented, self-motivated and with a positive attitude. You have the ability to think laterally and the ability to process information and merchandise through computer systems, coupled with the ability to work independently in a dynamic team, while possessing following additional competencies:

Understanding Hotel/Medical Center Operations
Planning for Business
Supervising People
Understanding Differences
Supervising Operations
Effective Communication
Customer Focus
Drive for Results
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Financial Cost Controller Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 19. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Job in


Healthcare, Doctor/Physician
A diagnostic medical sonographer, or ultrasound technician, is a person who uses ultrasound machines to view and interpret images with...
Skills Needed: Education and Considerations

•        Bachelor's Degree or an associate degree can be obtained.   
•        2-4 year experience in the same field
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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 20. Graphic Designer Job in

Doha - Qatar

IT/Tech, Design/Multimedia
•meeting clients or account managers to discuss the business objectives and requirements of the job; - •interpreting the client's...
Skills Needed: •passion, enthusiasm, and creative flair;
•a flexible approach when working in a team;
•excellent communication skills in order to interpret and negotiate briefs with clients;
•good presentation skills and the confidence to explain and sell ideas to clients and colleagues;
•time management skills and the ability to cope with several projects at a time;
•accuracy and attention to detail;
•being open to feedback and willing to make changes to your designs;
•effective networking skills to build contacts.
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Graphic Designer Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 21. Clinical Pathologist Job in

Doha - Qatar

Healthcare, Doctor/Physician
• In addition to clinical lab technologists, he/she works to ensure that blood and blood products are safe. - • Identifies microorganisms...
Skills Needed: • Making decisions and solving problems
• Getting accurate information
• Updating and using relevant knowledge - Keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to your job.
• Communicating with supervisors, peers, or subordinates - Providing information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.
• Evaluating information to determine compliance with standards - Using relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with laws, regulations, or standards.
• Computer literate for data write-ups and software/hardware record keeping
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Clinical Pathologist Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 22. General Practitioner Job in

Doha - Qatar

Doctor/Physician, Healthcare
Job duties: - responding to medical/health problems presented by patients including history taking, diagnosis, investigation, treatment and...
Skills Needed: -an interest in the well-being of others
-good communication and people skills
-to work well under pressure, and in emergency situations
-to be reliable and responsible
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General Practitioner Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 23. Arabic Translator Job in

Doha - Qatar

Translation, Language/Multilingual
Arabic translators examine written documents for meaning and recreate this meaning in another language, such as Arabic to English or vice...
Skills Needed: - Good communicators
- Attention to detail
- Ability to adapt to different situations, reliable and organized
- Translators and interpreters must be fluent in a minimum of two languages. Educational backgrounds can vary; but most often need a bachelor’s degree.
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Arabic Translator Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 24. Human Resource Manager Job in

Doha - Qatar

HR/Recruitment, Management
•working closely with departments, increasingly in a consultancy role, assisting line managers to understand and implement policies and...
Skills Needed: •business awareness and management skills;
•organizational skills and the ability to understand detailed information;
•IT and numeracy skills, with strong IT skills required if managing/operating computerized payroll and benefits systems;
•interpersonal skills to form effective working relationships with people at all levels;
•a proven track record of 'making a difference';
•ability to analyze, interpret and explain employment law;
•integrity and approachability, as managers and staff must feel able to discuss sensitive and confidential issues with you;
•curiosity and a willingness to challenge organizational culture where necessary;
•ability to compile and interpret statistical data and communicate it in a professional and understandable manner;
•influencing and negotiating skills to implement personnel policies;
•potential to handle a leadership role.
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Human Resource Manager Job

Posted by HBGQ
over 3 months ago 25. Ophthalmologist Job in

Doha - Qatar

Doctor/Physician, Healthcare
Job duties: - •assessing and examining patients in order to make a diagnosis; - •management of ophthalmic conditions, taking into account...
Skills Needed: •good stereoscopic vision and professional health requirements in line with the GMC;
•practical hand skills and good hand-eye coordination;
•communication skills, including empathy and sensitivity;
•problem-solving skills and high-level decision making;
•the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team;
•leadership skills (for consultants);
•the ability to work under pressure;
•good organizational and planning skills.
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Ophthalmologist Job

Posted by HBGQ