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Company / Business Name: b-cause,. Inc.
We provide both Japanese and foreign staff in Japan as well as Japanese/multilingual native speakers around the world to meet your needs.
Employment Areas: Administrative; Advertising; Architecture; Automotive; Business; Computer; Construction; Customer Service; Education; Electronics; Energy/Power Generation; Engineering; HR/Recruitment; Hospitality; Hotel Work; IT/Tech; Language/Multilingual; Marketing/PR; Sales; Secretary; Software Development; Telecommunications; Translation; Web Design
Phone: See the relevant job posting below for the correct number (if available).

Job Listings for this Employer:

1 day ago 1. Market analysis expert Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Marketing/PR, Advertising
Position name: Market Analysis Expert, Marketer - Employment: Regular employee - Work location: Marunouchi, Tokyo - Working hours: 10:00 ...
Skills Needed: Mandatory conditions:
・ Native English speakers
・ Japanese N1 only
・ Marketing experience
・ Experienced in digital marketing and PR
・ Experience in creating advertising effectiveness reports such as using Analytics tools
・Average overtime hours within 20 hours
・Overseas operations
・Closed on weekends

Welcome condition:
PR work experience and planning experience
Have working  experience with SNS such as Digital Media and Facebook / Twitter, and can make a PR strategy to spread topics on Digital
Influencer PR experience, who can make plans utilizing influencers and KOL(Key opinion leader)
Ability to analyze and plan using new tools
SEO(Search Engine Optimization) knowledge and operational experience
Knowledge of web advertising such as listings, operational experience
・Being able to independently formulate analysis / improvement measures for the team, perform their duties with a sense of speed, and behave with the best effort for the team and their own success.
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Market analysis expert Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 2. President's secretary Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Secretary, Administrative
Position name: President's secretary - Employment: Regular / Contract Employee - Work location: Marunouchi, Tokyo - Working hours:...
Skills Needed: Mandatory requirements:
•Bachelor of Economics / Management (who is interested in business models such as virtual currency)
•Language: English: Native level, Japanese: N1

Welcome / preferable requirements:
•Experienced working in English
•Person who has worked and studied in fields such as virtual currency
•Functions can be used in Excel etc.
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President's secretary Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 3. Sales/Domestic Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Sales, Marketing/PR
Position name: Sales staff (Domestic / Overseas) - Employment: Regular employees - Position: General Employees Scheduled Department of Work...
Skills Needed: Prerequisites
■ Japanese language proficiency: Business level (N1-N2)
* Listening ability to be able to stand out in customer's mind. Identifying customer`s true mind over smooth communication and being able to share it within the company.
■ English and French business level or above
■ More than 2 years of working experience in Japan

Welcome conditions
■ Experience in design and planning, work experience
■ Corporate sales experience at manufacturers
Work experience: Full-time / contract employee experience in Japan
Language Japanese: Business Level, French (France): Native
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Sales/Domestic Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 4. Software Developer Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Software Development, Computer
Position: Engineer [leader candidate / Experienced] / Tokyo metropolitan area - Employment form: Regular Employee. - Trial period: (3...
Skills Needed: Required conditions:
・ C / C ++ implementation experience (under experience)
・ Japanese proficiency of N2 or N3, English (Business Level)  

Welcoming condition:
Particular management experience (leader manager experience)
※Even a students who used to be leader, are able to apply
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Software Developer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 5. Career Consultant Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Education, Language/Multilingual
Employment: Full - time employees - Department: Staffing Division - Work location: Head Office, Shibuya - ku, Tokyo - Training/Trial...
Skills Needed: Must Condition:
A potential candidate who meets all the following requirements:
1. Persons with sales experience for about 1 year (whether tangible, intangible, individual or corporate). 1 year experience HR Industry.
2. Basic computer skills (Word / Excel / PowerPoint)"

Language: Possessing N1 (neither equivalent or anything)

Welcome Condition: Experience in recruitment business
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Career Consultant Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 6. Backend Engineer/PHP Job in

Tokyo - Japan

IT/Tech, Software Development
Position name: Backend Engineer (PHP) - Employment: Full Time Employee - Department: Engineering Department - Work location: Minato - ku,...
Skills Needed: Mandatory Condition:
• Practical experience in designing and developing Web applications (server side)
• Database design experience
• Knowledge and experience in Git (performance over project)
• Japanese – Business level (N2)

Welcome / preferable
• SaaS (Software as a service) development experience
• Experience building websites using Laravel
• Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS / JavaScript
• Database construction / operation experience
• Basic network knowledge
• Experience developing and operating web applications using public clouds such as AWS / GCP
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Backend Engineer/PHP Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 7. Customer Support Agent/Shipping Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Customer Service, Sales
Position: Customer Support Agent (Shipping) - Employment: Full Time Employee - Work location: Minato - ku, Tokyo - Training/Trial Period:...
Skills Needed: Mandatory Condition:
We are looking for people who meet the following requirements.
• Practical experience in the shipping and logistics industry (no matter how many years)
• TOEIC 750 or higher or equivalent English skills

Welcome / Preferable:
• Foreign-affiliated person who wants to work in a flexible and flat corporate culture
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Customer Support Agent/Shipping Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 8. Construction management Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Architecture, Construction
Position: Construction management Staff - Position name: Construction management at a home builder. - Employment: Full Time Employment -...
Skills Needed: Mandatory Condition:
• Having working experience or academic background in Architectures.
• Language: Japanese (N3 or above)

Welcome Condition:
• Driver’s license (AT limited)
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Construction management Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 9. Motor sports engineer Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Automotive, Engineering
Position: Motor sports engineer - Employment type: Full - time employee - Trial period: 3 months - Working hours: 09: 00 to 18:00 - Work...
Skills Needed: Mandatory conditions:
• Over 3 years of experience in motor sports
• Knowledge of automotive industry (electrical / mechanical)
• Business level English, Japanese: Daily conversational level
• PC skills (MS office)
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Motor sports engineer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 10. Electrical Circuit Design Engineer Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Electronics, Energy/Power Generation
Position: Electrical circuit design engineer - Affiliated department / grounding] - Employment form: Regular Employee. - Trial period:...
Skills Needed: Required conditions:
. Higher than N3 level will be get preference Japanese ability
・ Electric system back × 1 year evaluation experience
・ Those who have strong motivation and desire for manufacturing                                                                                                          
* For electrical circuit engineers, inexperience in business is severe.

Welcoming condition:
・ Person who has long-term working experience in one job (over 3 years)
・ Person who has management experience such as project leader
★ There is no seniority system
An environment where you can continue to grow unless you work hard and loosen the power to grow!
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Electrical Circuit Design Engineer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
1 day ago 11. Software Developer Job in

Tokyo - Japan

IT/Tech, Software Development
Position: Urgent Hiring Software Developer [Fresher’s] - Job Position: Software Developer - Work Location: HQ at Tokyo, hiring for...
Skills Needed: Qualifications & Certificates Requirements:
•Bachelor Degree or Master Degree, preferably in Computer Science & engineering.
•Business level of English
•Japanese- N2/N3

Technical Skills:
Programming skill (JAVA, Oracle).
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Software Developer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
2 weeks ago 12. Native recruiter/Japanese-English Job in

Tokyo - Japan

HR/Recruitment, Education
Position: Native recruiter (Japanese - English) - osition name: Native recruiter - Employment: Full Time Employee - Work location: Chuo...
Skills Needed: Essential requirements "[Required skills]
• Language skills:  Japanese: Business level; English: Native level
• Recruiter experience (Over 2-3 years working in Japan having chance to hire foreign nationalities:)

Welcome / preferable condition:
• Sensitive person (flexible, talkative)
• Aspiring person
• If you are a trainer at an English conversation school
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Native recruiter/Japanese-English Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 13. Business Development & Lead/API Marketplace Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Business, Sales
Position: Business Development & Partnership Lead ( - API Marketplace) - Employment Type: Full - time employee - Probationary period: 3...
Skills Needed: Required conditions:
At least 4 years of BtoB sales, business development and partnership experience in the IT industry
The result is everything, you can work independently, and you can be persistently motivated to get the API provider to use our platform
• There are IT companies and networks in Japan or in the area
-Events such as hackathons, community meetups and seminars may be conducted outside business hours, so it is necessary to be able to handle work outside of business hours.
• Native-level Japanese conversation and writing skills, business-level English skills required
• We can give an effective presentation

Welcome Skills / Experience
Social media is an important tool for getting third party evangelists. To recommend our API marketplace, we can use social media successfully and introduce the success of our API providers and developers
• Being used to work with technical audiences and developers

Required Languages:
Japanese - Business level
English - Native level
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Business Development & Lead/API Marketplace Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 14. Call Center operator- Night Shift Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Customer Service, IT/Tech
Basic Work Content: - o User help desk, maintenance call acceptance and fault isolation. - o Device monitoring service. - o On - site...
Skills Needed: Requirements: English Business level, Japanese Business level.
1) Those who can speak English every day (TOEIC 500 points or over 1 year living abroad etc.)
2) Basic knowledge of PC (simple PC operation, mail software, office software operation etc).
3) Operator business inexperienced people welcome.
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Call Center operator- Night Shift Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 15. IT Infrastructure Engineer Job in

Tokyo - Japan

IT/Tech, Telecommunications
Business Content - We offer our game services for online PC games and as well as for smartphones to individual customers. - Furthermore:...
Skills Needed: Basic Requirement: More than half a year of practical experience in system proposal, design and construction of server and network.
【Welcome Skill】
• Experience in infrastructure construction operation such as MySQL, memcached, Redis, node, Fusion-io, LVS, BIG-IP.
• Cloud use experience such as AWS.
• Experience of setting and building network devices such as CISCO.
• High traffic site server construction operation experience.

Language Requirement:  1) Japanese above than business level. 2) English Business level.
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IT Infrastructure Engineer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 16. Public relations officer/leader Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Marketing/PR, Administrative
Position: Public relations officer (leader candidate) - Assignment department: Brand Communication Department - Employment status: Full -...
Skills Needed: [Required requirement]
One that meets all the following
1. More than 5 years of PR experience at PR company or operating company (If you have comparable experience and skills, consult according to the results)
2. High communication skills
3. The result of planning of PR strategy for service PR
4. Direct appointment to media, plan proposal results

If you have enough English ability to read and write by e-mail (daily tasks are not essential because they are mainly Japanese)
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Public relations officer/leader Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 17. Software Engineer Job in

Kawasaki - Japan

Software Development, IT/Tech
Job Title: Software Engineer - Work Location: Kawasaki Kanagawa Pref. Japan - • Be point of contact at customer site on the overall...
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Software Engineer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 18. Mechanical Engineer Job in

Tokyo - Japan

Engineering, Automotive
Position: using 3DCAD automotive design and development - Employment form: Regular Employee. - Trial period: Yes (3 months) - Work...
Skills Needed: Required Conditions:
・1 year or more of work experience
・ Japanese level N2 or N3,  English (Business Level)
・ A potential candidate who is able to work in Kanto (Tochigi, Gunma, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa). "
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Mechanical Engineer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 19. System Engineer Job in

Tokyo - Japan

IT/Tech, Software Development
Position name: System Engineer - Vacancies: 5 person - Employment: Full time employment - Department: System Development Department - Work...
Skills Needed: Must Condition:
• Development experience in Java, C, C ++, C #, Perl, PHP, VB, Python, etc.
• Development experience on Windows, UNIX, Linux, database knowledge
• 2 years or more experience in system development
• Japanese business level (N2 or higher)"
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System Engineer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 20. Hotel staff Job in

Fukushima - Japan

Hotel Work, Hospitality
Position: [Fukushima] Hotel staff - Employment Type: Full - time - Head office address: Fukushima Prefecture - Working hours: 07:00 to...
Skills Needed: Language proficiency:
• English: Daily conversation level
• Japanese: Business level
• There are many users in Taiwan, it is better to speak Chinese.
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Hotel staff Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 21. Web Engineer Job in

Tokyo - Japan

IT/Tech, Web Design
Position: Web engineer - Employment status: Full - time employees - Trial period: Yes (3 months) - Working hours: 10:00 to 19:00 - Work...
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Web Engineer Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 22. Translator / Interpreter Job in

Matsuyama - Japan

Translation, Construction
Employment: Regular employees - Work location: Matsuyama city, Ehime, Japan - Business trips: Available Business trip area Indonesia -...
Skills Needed: Application requirements
Language:  Japanese: Business level,   English: Business level
Preferable conditions:
• Electric mechanical engineering, major knowledge
• For those who can work in Japan for more than 10 years.
• Depending on the circumstances of the company, there are business trips and transfers (both domestic and overseas).
PC skills
• Persons who can use personal computers (Windows Office; Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
• Practical experience Interpretation / translation experience
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Translator / Interpreter Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
3 weeks ago 23. Interpreter/Japanese - Hindi Job in

Ise - Japan

Translation, Administrative
Position name: Interpreter (Japanese - Hindi) - Employment type: Contractual, 6 month - Work location: Mie - Ken Ise - shi Misono - cho...
Skills Needed: •Having two years working experiences on Hindi to Japanese translation.
• Language: Japanese (N2 or above)
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Interpreter/Japanese - Hindi Job

Posted by b-cause,. Inc.
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