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Company / Business Name: Voluntario Global
We at Voluntario Global define ourselves as community builders. A community builder is someone who, instead of offering provisional help, gets to know a community and its people, its weaknesses and strengths. In this way, we build a strong relationship with each community. A relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Volunteers, coordinators and organizations connect and unite to achieve a common goal in local development.
Employment Areas: Child Care/Nannying; Education; Healthcare; Marketing/PR; Non-Profit; Science; Social Work; Teaching
Office Address: Piedras 1178
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Phone: See the relevant job posting below for the correct number (if available).

Job Listings for this Employer:

over 2 months ago 1. Children Project Job in

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Child Care/Nannying, Non-Profit
Position: Home for Children Project in Argentina - Position: Weeks Volunteer Program Children America - This Hogar (Home) receives...
Skills Needed: Role of the Volunteer

The volunteer has the opportunity to do a multitude of things such as help the “tias” organizing activities, play with the children, help to feed them during lunch time, help in the cleaning process and much more! This help is invaluable for both the children and the organization.

The standards of living of some of the children takes a toll on their behavior as well. They can sometimes act violently, thus adults have to try to subdue them in case of fights and explain to them that violence is not the solution. One way to help them release their anger and energy is through art or sport activities. The volunteer represents an adult and responsible person they can trust and refer to in case of problem or emergency.

What can you learn as a volunteer?

Volunteer can share their own experience and ideas with local staff. Different viewpoints represent a wealth for this place and all initiatives are well received. Volunteers benefit from the company of children, who always have energy and whose smiles make us happy every day. This project is perfect for those studying careers in Pedagogy, Psychology or Social Work and it is also a place to put your Spanish skills into practice and learn from a new culture.


The Homes are open all year round, but volunteers usually work Monday through Friday either during the morning or afternoon. Volunteers will be assigned a specific schedule according to needs.


The Houses are located in the middle-class neighborhoods of Beccar and Olvios, North of Buenos Aires. They are about 40-minute far from the center of Buenos Aires and easily accessible by public transport.

Children Project Job

Posted by Voluntario Global
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over 2 months ago 2. Volunteer in Community Soup Kitchen Job in


Non-Profit, Social Work
Position: Volunteer in a Community Soup Kitchen - This Community Soup Kitchen is located in Villa 21, which inherits its name from the...
Skills Needed: Role of the Volunteer
From 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, the kitchen prepares breakfast and lunch for the kids in the kindergarten and it also prepares food for the community members. The volunteer will be able to help in many tasks such as assist the women in the kitchen by washing and cutting vegetables, preparing the dessert for the children and help in the cleaning process after everything is served.

What do you learn as a volunteer?
When helping at the Soup Kitchen, you learn to appreciate the value of the small things, how to truly connect with people and the power that these relationships can have on your life and the lives of others, on the communities and the future. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what language you speak, what kind of house you live in or what kind of job you have. In the end, we are all human and we get so mixed up in focussing on other unimportant aspects that we forget that deep down we’re all the same. You will realise that even the smallest thing you do, can make someone else's day.

How does your work impact on the community?
Your help is invaluable for the workers and for the community members because this center is an integral part of their everyday life. Furthermore, the ladies and workers would not be able to participate in this cultural exchange if there aren’t any volunteers willing to help. The women also love helping the volunteers learn a bit of Spanish because they are like family to them. Here, the volunteer can learn so much about the Argentinian culture and see how many traditional dishes are prepared. It’s a place where you can completely feel the support of a community and you never leave the kitchen without a smile on your face.

Volunteer in Community Soup Kitchen Job

Posted by Voluntario Global
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over 2 months ago 3. Health Programs Volunteer/According spanish level Job in

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Healthcare, Non-Profit
Position: Health Programs Volunteer (According spanish level) - Position: - The position is ideal for a person interested in working with...
Skills Needed: What are the requirements to apply?

For this reason given before, an intermediate level of Spanish is required, so that the volunteer can become more involved with those who work in the center and with the community. It is imperative that the volunteer develops an outlook of communicating with people, taking into account that this is an institution that serves the community and that their concern is to understand the people living there and their health problems.

A minimum participation of 8 weeks.

Valid Passport and visa (if needed).

Health Insurance.

You will be responsible for buying plane tickets and get adequate travel insurance.

Health Programs Volunteer/According spanish level Job

Posted by Voluntario Global
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over 2 months ago 4. Teaching english project Job in

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Teaching, Education
Position: Teaching english as a second language project - Background Information - In the past, this school has had to face many problems...
Skills Needed: Volunteer’s Role

The volunteers use their knowledge of English to help the students in group classes. The presence of native speakers evidently is very helpful to the children’s learning of the language. Your role in the school will be proportionate to your level of Spanish and the amount of time you can volunteer for. Consequently, this program is ideal for undergraduate students of modern languages on a year abroad, particularly those interested in teaching. If your Spanish and/or time is limited, you will be able to assist classes.

What can you learn as a volunteer?

Learning is a two-way street because the volunteer also learns through this experience. Their official duties are to assist the teenaged teachers, help them with pronunciation or grammatical rules, correct homework, read and explain to the children the basic elements of the language. Moreover, they can also help the oldest students get ready for international exams. This work allows the volunteer to exchange with people from different cultures, mainly thanks to the mix between communities from various countries of Latin America. Furthermore, teaching is the perfect exercise to learn how to speak to an audience and to get its attention. The volunteer learns to communicate with the youngest children who don't speak English correctly, and is able to learn how to adapt quickly and use other means of communication. Above all, the volunteer is able to create relationships with their students that will go beyond the classroom.

Teaching english project Job

Posted by Voluntario Global
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over 3 months ago 5. Communications Assistant at NGO Job in

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Marketing/PR, Non-Profit
Background Information - Voluntario Global has been working with many social organizations and communities in Buenos Aires for over 10...
Skills Needed: What should you expect?
We are a small 4-people social organization and we do not have professionals in communications, that is why we mostly rely on the work of volunteers. It is very different to work in a context where most people don't speak English and there is no professional guidance, so that is why we mostly require an intermediate level of Spanish and proactivity from our volunteers (evaluating your work in other contexts does not really tell us anything about your proactivity).

Organizations are not perfect places. You have to always be open minded: understand the dynamics that imply working in vulnerable zones and with social communities.

Work in an independent environment where you’ll have the freedom to come up with your own ideas and be creative. Keep in mind that things may not work the way you want and nevertheless you should have an inventive spirit to find a way through this, no matter the circumstances the projects sometimes have.

Getting to know local communities, understand their culture, their language and their realities. This will enrich your critical thinking and your perspective.

What we expect from you?
Someone excited to work in a selfless way, willing to always help, no matter if this sometimes means things can change and you’ll have to readjust to new plans.

Communications Assistant at NGO Job

Posted by Voluntario Global
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over 3 months ago 6. Environment: Sustainable Development Volunteer Project Job in

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Background Information - The goal of this project, just like Voluntario Global’s other cooperative, Su Lavanderia, is to give the young...
Skills Needed: Role of the Volunteer

The volunteers that come from different parts of the world to exchange knowledge and experience and to work alongside the community members create a mutual spirit of solidarity. They take part in establishing connections in natural and relaxing surroundings.

What can you learn as a volunteer?

The Pacheco Community Center is a place that can provide a different perspective on life. Volunteers will be able to learn about many topics and maximize what they learn by helping us to maintain the garden and grounds. Volunteers will enhance their knowledge in practice, helping in the tasks of daily maintenance of the garden, in the organization of community space with the armed schedule, lists of participants’ management and administration tasks of space. They may provide art workshops, English, school support, orchard and recycling.


-Learn by helping in practical classes with youth to maintain the garden and grounds.
-Help watering during 20 minutes in the mornings outside the greenhouse if the weather is too dry.  
-Help teachers to prepare didactic material for theoretical classes (like diagrams, pictures, boards)
-Help social coordinators to manage the organization of community space with the armed schedule, lists of participants’ management and administration tasks of space.
-Help preparing and attending breakfast or afternoon snack (according daily schedule) for youth.
-Help preparing special monthly workshops: Open day to the community when families and friends share and afternoon with talks, games and relaxing time.

Environment: Sustainable Development Volunteer Project Job

Posted by Voluntario Global
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