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Company / Business Name: Ty communication
Ty communication is the largest authorized agents in Egypt for corporate sales sector with door to door system . It also helps to facilitate the work of companies to be a key partner in their success . We are started our working in the Egyptian market since 2011 . we achieved the largest rate of sales volume in 2015 over the republic as the best authorized agent and win the cup in this year . The company's team obtained first positions and certificates of appreciation for their excellence during these years . One of our main objectives is to expand our partnership with orange egypt to include all the services offered to the retail sector both for individuals and companies .
Employment Areas: Customer Service/Help Desk; Engineering; Sales
Office Address: 9 Dr Abd El-Mohsen Soliman, Ad Doqi, Giza Governorate
City: Giza
ZIP / Post Code: 12611
Country: Egypt
Phone: See the relevant job posting below for the correct number (if available).

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over 3 months ago 1. Corporate sales representative Job in

Giza - Egypt

Sales, Engineering
* Summary:. - The Corporate Sales Representative is responsible for creating mutually advantageous relationships with organizations to...
Skills Needed: * Skills & Endorsements:.

Objection Handling
Time Management
Gaining Commitment
Product Knowledge
Demo skills
Strategic Prospecting Skills
Qualification Questioning
Closing Techniques
Active Listening
Interpersonal Skills

Corporate sales representative Job

Posted by Ty communication
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over 3 months ago 2. Telesales Representative Job in

Giza - Egypt

Sales, Customer Service/Help Desk
Job brief:. - Telesales Representative is contribute in generating sales for our company. You will be responsible for closing sales deals...
Skills Needed: 1. Get Their Attention. Be mind full of the first few seconds of the call as this will determine whether they will take the time to speak with you. Simply begin by explaining who you are, your company and what the customer can benefit from you. Telephone sales training courses will tell you that this is a vital and effective step as customers need a clear reason to take time from their busy schedule. As mentioned on a recent telesales training course the key is to use the method W.I.I.F.M. What's in it for me

If the customer can not find a what's in it for them they will not be inclined to give you the time you need on the telesales call.

2. These seconds are a moment of curiosity in the customers mind so make the benefit powerful enough to measure their interests.

3. Build Credibility and Trust. On telephone sales training courses people often ask how the customer is going to trust a stranger over the phone. The fact is they are either unconsciously or consciously asking questions like how do I know I am not being conned or that can you be trusted. Be brief and to the point that you are a well respected company with a great track record and you are not trying to separate them from their money.

4. State Purpose. You want to see whether their needs match those that your product could provide. An important tactic to remember is to forget selling and concentrate in serving. Put their needs above yours.

5. Gather Information. Keep in mind that everyone is not suitable to your product or service. To find out if they are simply ask questions about their current product supply. These questions show your interest whilst adding to their subconscious desire to feel valued and appreciated.

6. Agree on need. This is a psychological benchmark, a moment of truth. If you do not agree on the needs it will fall through however if you do agree on the needs it will open the mind so that it is receptive to hear what you can do for them. A tool used at this step in telephone sales training is to summarise in 2 short sentences.

7. Solution to Problem. This is the sign post ahead that lets you know you are getting closer to achieving your goal and your customer's satisfaction. It is known in telesales sales training courses that we tend to buy things that we do not need because we want it. The distinction between want and need is logical and emotional. After you buy something you want you will receive feelings of security, ownership or peace of mind, this gives them a feeling of reward. Tailor the product to meet their needs then inform them of the benefit that will give them this rewarded feeling.

8. Close. You need to build the value of the product or service first before you discuss the prices. Imagine a scale in the customers mind, put money and considerations on one side and value of the solution on the other. Now summarise all they will receive. Describe the product positively and comfortingly.

Telesales Representative Job

Posted by Ty communication
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