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Company / Business Name: Moorpark Unified School District
Moorpark Unified School District is a TK -12 school district that offers a wide variety of employment opportunities.
Employment Areas: Education; Teaching
Office Address: 5297 Maureen Lane
City: Moorpark
ZIP / Post Code: 93021
State: CA California
Country: USA
Phone: See the relevant job posting below for the correct number (if available).

Job Listings for this Employer:

over one month ago 1. Campus Aide Job in

Moorpark - California - USA

Education, Teaching
BASIC FUNCTION - Under supervision, to observe and control student behavior on an elementary school campus during lunch, recess and/or bus...

Basic principles of first aid;
District and school policies related to student behavior;
Appropriate safety precautions and procedures.

Control the behavior and activities of students in large groups;
Understand and carry out oral and written instructions;
Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Individuals possessing the knowledge, skills and abilities listed above are considered to possess the necessary education.  Previous experience working with children is preferred.


Incumbent is required to work outside without protection from weather.
Prolonged periods of standing and walking are required.
over one month ago 2. Paraeducator Job in

Moorpark - California - USA

Education, Teaching
BASIC FUNCTION - Assists one or more teachers in the direct care and supervision of students in a classroom setting. Maintains and prepares...
Skills Needed: KNOWLEDGE OF:
Basic knowledge of the principles and practices of age appropriate child development and guidance applicable for an educational setting.
Working knowledge of the basic subjects taught in the District schools, including mathematics, grammar, spelling, language and reading, with sufficient competency to assist students with individual or group studies.
Basic knowledge of teaching and instruction methods.
Knowledge of basic clerical and record keeping processes.
Knowledge of and skill at using personal computers, audiovisual, and other equipment to support learning, record information, and send communications.
Sufficient human relation skills to work productively and cooperatively with teachers, students, and parents in formal and informal settings, to exercise patience when conveying information, and demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of students.

Assist teaching staff with the implementation of instructional goals and activities, assessing the needs of individual students and developing programs to meet those needs.
Interact with teachers, parents, and specialists in order to carry out assigned duties. Oversee students, administer assignments and tests, and perform general clerical tasks.
Make informal presentations to individual and small groups of students and assist with demonstrations of assigned subject matter to classroom sized groups.
Relate positively to students in a teaching/learning environment in a way that builds confidence and recognizes socioeconomic and cultural differences among children. Balance emotional support and discipline and deal with common behavior problems.

Rare = 1/12 time or less Frequent = over 1/3 - 2/3 time
Occasional = over 1/12 - 1/3 time Continuous = over 2/3 - 3/3 time

Standing/Walking:  Occasionally standing in one place for up to 50 minutes at a stretch while instructing or operating various clerical/instructional equipment alternated with frequent walking on all surfaces which may include tile, carpeting, concrete/blacktop and uneven outside terrain for up to 5 - 20 minutes at a stretch while supervising students before a brief standing or sitting break.  Usually the Paraeducator is only standing for 2 - 10 minutes at a stretch in one place before shifting positions during the instruction period.

Sitting:  Occasionally the Paraeducator could sit for the entire work shift and could sit during any rest period break; may be required to sit in child-like and/or adult-size school furniture; however, the rest of the day would entail standing and walking activities, thus making sitting an occasional optional activity.

Bending/Stooping or Crouching/Squatting:  Occasional to Frequent to work closely with students on a one to one basis.
Turning/Twisting:  Continuous turning of the neck/back in order to observe the students.  Frequent to continuous turning and twisting at wrist, elbow and waist levels for only a few seconds at a stretch during instructional activities.  Twisting and turning at the knees and ankles may be required if engaged in a physical instructional lesson.

Seeing/Hearing:  Continuous seeing and hearing while working in an educational setting closely with students.  The Paraeducator should be able to see well enough to read from regular print in school text books and assignment sheets.  Must be able to see well enough to supervise students in the classroom and during outside classroom activities.  The Paraeducator should be able to hear normal conversation that would occur in a class room setting.

Speaking:  Clear and precise speaking continuously in English and/or Spanish so that students and/or adults are able to communicate with the Paraeducator.

Lifting and Carrying Requirements

Under 10 pounds = Frequent 50 - 75 pounds = Rare
10 - 25 pounds = Occasional 75 - 100 pounds = Rare
25 - 50 pounds = Rare Over 100 pounds = None

Lifting:  Normally, the most the Paraeducator would lift would be 5 - 10 pounds as when procuring books, an overhead projector, student chair/desk, and instructional materials.  The projector and books could be located at any level from floor to overhead and would most likely be lifted to waist level.  Paraeducator may on rare occasions be required to lift students who have special needs weighing up to 100 pounds.

Carrying: Most times, the Paraeducator would be carrying instructional materials no more than 10 pounds, such as books, papers, or an overhead projector.  The majority of the instructional items lifted are usually carried short distances within the classroom (2 to 50 feet).  Materials weighing more than 20 pounds are usually put into a cart and pushed to its destination.

Work is performed indoors and outdoors with some, yet infrequent exposure to health and safety considerations.


Any combination of training, education and experience which demonstrates an ability to perform the duties of the position.  Some experience involving the supervision of children’s activities is desirable. Successful completion of the district’s competency exam demonstrating knowledge of and the ability to assist in teaching reading, writing and mathematics (or readiness in those subject areas).

Paraeducator Job

Posted by Moorpark Unified School District
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